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I'm off to Monroe (Louisiana) to an agility trial in a few minutes.  Bad thing about traveling with dogs, the truck is completely filled with their stuff and there isn't much room for my stuff.

They have an exercise pen and matt for the trial site, and an extra set of cages for the hotel -- that DOES make life easier, food, bowls, water, etc.  Three dogs takes up a lot of room in a small truck.

I'm traveling with the Dexcom for the first time.  I am going to leave manuals, etc. at home as they have 24/7 support AND have the manual on line, and I have that available to me.

I'm also taking Fitness4Diabetics on the road for the first time too.  My workouts will be curtailed to some extend, but then I've been known to put in over 15,000 steps at a trial.

Next week I'm going on a road trip by myself, so this will be a good rehearsal.