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Dexcom -- one week

Dexcom - Removed first sensor and put in a new one

Last night, after I got out of the hot tub, the sensor was reading disconnected.  I had already planned to switch sensors, as the back part of the adhesive was coming loose.  I wanted a new sensor in, stable and working before I drove to Monroe, Louisiana, and I wanted to have it going smoothly for at least the first day of dog agility.

Next time, I'll know better, I bet I could have gotten the sensor to go a full two weeks.  The majority of the adhesive was down good and solid.

This time I did feel the sensor needle go in and out.  But I do believe I have a good install -- I don't feel anything once I got everything in place -- including the sensor. 

So far, I am exceptionally pleased with the Dexcom sensor.  As I get more comfortable with it, I'll start pushing the envelope more and see if I can get my A1C and my weight down.