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Busy Week

I've had a busy week.  I've knocked out 2 1/2 days of staff development -- all on Wed Mastering topics.  Tuesday, the first day, made me remember just how tired I get in staff development.  Sitting still all day is hard work when you are used to running around the room. 

I am also working on test development for my district.  That's also stressful, but getting better.

I'm using a new style of insertion set -- clinical trial, and am having erratic blood sugars, but it could be the heat, the workshops, the stress from different work, or the phases of the moon. 

 My Fitness4Diabetics workouts are still going well, and also my food intake.  I've lost 15 pounds now, and I think I'm also starting to notice.  I'm up to 25 minutes of straight walking, which I couldn't do at the start.

I'm definitely going to resign the exercise the portion, haven't decided entirely on the nutrition, but I probably ought to since I'll be eating away from home during my Monroe and Pittsburgh trips.

Still working on planning Pittsburgh, but I'm pretty sure about Monroe right now -- I am planning to pack and start my drive after dog class on Monday night (several weeks from now), and getting some of the trip out of the way.  I am going to take my emergency CPAP battery and sleep on the road.  I have 3 dogs, so no one can really sneak up on me.  One thing I'm thinking about is getting my concealed carry license and carry a weapon but I have to find out about laws in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Same thing for my trip to Pittsburgh.