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Very quick post

Had an excellent day (my Fitness 4 Diabetes coach even says so....

I got up, ran Marcie up to the vet for phenobarbal levels which are good.

Then when over to school, sat down and made sub notes, and made sure I had everything for field testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Picked up Diet Gourmet food and ran by Office Depot because I was out of ink and paper and it's 10% off teacher appreciate week.

Dropped that stuff off, went over to City Hall and voted in early voting.

Got back to meet A/C people at 11:00.  They sent out a guy to start tearing stuff out at 11:00 and the actual unit came at 1:00 pm just as they said they would on Saturday.

They were wonderful -- though next time, I'll go get the dog when the vet calls at 3:15.  They said we'd have cold air in an hour and figured that meant they would be done then.

They got done at 5:15. Just enough time to get Marcie at the vets and get to agility class 45 minutes early, even though we stopped and hung out at Petsmart for a few minutes -- FYI if you have to get your dog pills they make a dog food flavored thing you can hide the pills in.  It's the one thing I've found that the beagles won't eat while spitting out the pills.

Even hit the hot tub.

Man, it's nice to sleep in a cool, dry (it's been humid) house.