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Doug Bums-charges dropped

Sleep Doctor

Saw the sleep doctor today.  I really LIKE the new CPAP, especially since it gives such good reports to the doctor.

It showed that I sleep an average of 7 1/2 hours a day  and that I stay at "12" most of the time.  It's an auto CPAP so it adjusts and that it keeps me have having apnea events all night.  It also shows that my mask leaks 21 minutes a day on average.

I had shucked my new mask because it wasn't fitting right, and was using a REALLY REALLY old one.  Doctor fitted me for the new mask and it is a completely different size than the one I had.  I also asked for all new hoses and filters since it's been a year. 

The nurse fussed at me because it's full of dog hair, which is WHY I need the new filters.

They should be here in a few days.