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Medical Device Safety: Advice for Patients: With Soft Contact Lenses: Acanthamoeba Keratitis Infections Related to Complete® MoisturePlus Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution

If you are using this Lens Solution go out to the website and call.  They are supposed to be sending me a return kit.  You do get a computer answered phone number and you give your address, etc.

Will let you know how it goes.

Advice for Patients With Soft Contact Lenses: Acanthamoeba Keratitis Infections Related to CompleteĀ® MoisturePlus Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution

Source: Medical Device Safety: Advice for Patients: With Soft Contact Lenses: Acanthamoeba Keratitis Infections Related to CompleteĀ® MoisturePlus Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution

How do doctors miss diabetes?

I am still blow away over the charges against Flea.  In his defense, he is a pediatric pulmonary specialist but still.....

I know of several practices that do a good job of screening for diabetes.  Until I was diagnosed, my contact lens specialist not only checked blood pressure, but also checked blood sugar reading.  If you are high, she suggests that you talk to your primary care -- and in fact, she caught my high blood sugar precisely when my doctor was watching it.

I also know for a fact that Dallas ISD's Intake Center also screens for diabetes, along with TB.  Last year when I was teaching math for nonEnglish speakers, one of my babies was screen for and referred to Parkland because of a simple blood test.  Type 2, on insulin, I know because it was my job to remind her to go to the nurse.

However, my own mother was missed -- and I still don't get that.  When a 70 year patient presents with multiple infections and you can completely stop them, why did it take them over 9 months to just test her blood sugar?  You don't need to do a blod job -- you can do like my contact lens doctor does -- you keep a simple home glucose monitor there, and do a finger stick.  How hard is that?

Yeah, a few aren't going to get caught, but still.

Changing CPAP equipment sucks

I switched to a different mask last night -- new one, should leak less.  As always when making a minor change in my sleeping situation, I didn't sleep well at all, I had trouble falling asleep.  I also had trouble staying asleep

The good news, I'll be tired tonight and will have less trouble.  This is why I try not to make changes during the school year.

Blogger unmasked, court case upended - The Boston Globe

Oh man, how do I even start.  Flea was on my RSS feed for years, and I really did enjoy what he posted.

In his blog, Flea had ridiculed the plaintiff's case and the plaintiff's lawyer. He had revealed the defense strategy. He had accused members of the jury of dozing.

Source: Blogger unmasked, court case upended - The Boston Globe

But read this whole article and then come back and find out if you are as shocked as I am as to what he was charged with:

The wrongful death suit alleged that Lindeman, who works at Natick Pediatrics, failed to diagnose that Jaymes Binns had diabetes on March 11, 2002, Mulvey said in a court document. Less than six weeks later, the boy died of diabetic ketoacidosis, said Mulvey, who described the condition as "diabetes gone haywire."

I really liked what Flea had to say about the vaccine controversy and what he had to say about over treating patients.

But to think that somehow he was involved in a young child dying of diabetes in this day and age ... man it so blows me away.

I can't understand how such a diagnosis could be missed.  Of course, we probably won't know the whole story.

Half way with Fitness4Diabetics

My A1c is better, I understand how to counteract exercise with my pump now, or at least I understand better.  I also know better how to use exercise to control how much insulin I use.

The bonus, is that I lost weight!

I'm not sure if my agility times have improved -- I really won't know that until Monroe -- I tried an outdoor trial but it really isn't a test, and I need to do more matches with Marcie to convince her I really am faster. 

I'm definately happy with the program and the support.  They do a good job.

My knees are better too.  Both knees have been bothering me lately but I've also learned to work through it.  Or to stop and do something else and then go back to it.

So I'm definately going to sign up for another round.

Doug Bums-charges dropped

I am very happy to hear that charges against Doug have been dropped.

I wasn't very worked up about because I do have faith in the system, especially here in Texas. However, I wasn't too sure about California.

Hopefully everyone learns from the situation. I Know I am being more careful about being prepared.

Sleep Doctor

Saw the sleep doctor today.  I really LIKE the new CPAP, especially since it gives such good reports to the doctor.

It showed that I sleep an average of 7 1/2 hours a day  and that I stay at "12" most of the time.  It's an auto CPAP so it adjusts and that it keeps me have having apnea events all night.  It also shows that my mask leaks 21 minutes a day on average.

I had shucked my new mask because it wasn't fitting right, and was using a REALLY REALLY old one.  Doctor fitted me for the new mask and it is a completely different size than the one I had.  I also asked for all new hoses and filters since it's been a year. 

The nurse fussed at me because it's full of dog hair, which is WHY I need the new filters.

They should be here in a few days.


I finally got released from school.  It's been a rough week with lots of meetings.  I've actually never had such a touch last week.

This weekend has been all about recovery and getting some rest.  I go to the sleep doctor on Tuesday, have dog classes -- they are getting rescheduled, and that's it this week.

Also playing with my convertible notebook.  I really love it, and I need to get my old notebooks organized to sell.


Long, over scheduled week.  Unfortunately I spent most of the week being a responsible adult.  Since I start getting ready for the end of the school year in April, I don't usually have much to do this week. 

Today is about getting some final stuff signed off, making sure my students grades are in the school "grade book", and going to the faculty luncheon. 

I had meetings most of the day Monday and Tuesday, and also went to the board meeting last night.  So far, there is nothing about the award in the paper.

After the board meeting, life got weirder -- we were having heavy thunderstorms -- I keep telling everyone, it's no worse than usual, we just forgot them in the drought.

Anyway, a few cars in front of me, was a white convertible.  It went out of control, and I got stopped with getting hit, but it went off the road, and landed into a drainage ditch with a huge splash.  I called 911, and reported it, but no one else stopped.  I couldn't see that they were getting any help, so I got off the road, and back on the exit.  Still no one was there and they couldn't be seen from the road at that point, though there was an Dallas Fire and Rescue unit about a mile behind me, so I stopped the safest (relatively) place from them, got out of the car, ran to where they were at, pulled off my jacket and waved DF&R down.  DF&R insisted I leave, so I took off.  Fortunately they landed wheel side down, but water was up over the door handles. 

So I feel really lucky AND sore today.  Knee is bugging me, it isn't good to run on a bad knee in the rain.