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Trial Report 2
Medco Games

Trial Report - Final

Running Maggie didn't go well.  First, it was snowing.  Maggie is a bit deformed -- she has no outer coat -- and she was freezing.  At one cold trial, she stopped and cussed me out for making her run.

She actually attempted the JWW course, got ahead of me twice and came back.  Wouldn't have been too bad, but she took a jump and you're not allowed off courses.

Standard was actually worse, we were whistled off -- she took the trap, and then was on the wrong angle for the A-frame.  Four paw rule came into affect -- if they put all four paws on an obstacle and bail, they can't retake it.  Even though I didn't call it, we were whistled off.

Got in 11553 steps so far, blood sugars have been perfect, came home with a 135!