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Recap of Signing up For Fitness4Diabetics

Unfortunately the initial contact can be difficult.  Be patient, leave phone messages and email messages.  They will eventually get you and get your credit card information.

After your credit card information clears, they will send you your initial paper work.  It's quite a bit, but does help them get you started.

The next step is clearing everything with your doctor.  I haven't seen that form, but it did take mine about a week to process.

So after all that is done -- and it's about a two week process, you are ready to go.

I was sent a food log, an activity / blood sugar type log, and a goals setting sheet.  Since this is all personalized AND virtual, don't expect a full blown set of things for you to do -- I sort of did because I've participated in programs in the past that would hand you something that sort of fit you and then they customized it as they went.

So far, everyone appears very cordial, and very ready to work with you.

I am working with a fitness coach, a nuitrion coach AND a wellness coach that is supposed to round out everything.

Not bad for the price!