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February 2007

Blog Anniversary

My first post was on February 2003.  Most of the time I've used Movable Type -- I tried Word Press for a few days but didn't like it as well.

It's been good to have a place to share mostly my frustrations.  It is also helped my writing. 

Hey, it's living with diabetes.  It isn't much fun.

Another week done

I'm still doing the lighter iShape workouts.  Have not been able to increase steps -- we had testing last week, stress from the identity theft -- dog disappearing etc., has all conspired against me.

I did a good thing for me, I decided to sleep in and skip Marcie's runs.  I woke up stiff and sore, and it was cold.  I'm going to give Maggie a try and head out in a little bit.

I do need to remember to up my basals when we do testing in April.

And good news, spring break is coming up in two weeks!

And the last chores for school are coming up.  Parent conferences tomorrow night and the fund raiser is next Saturday.  And since it is a casino night, it will be something Rich enjoys.

What I want for Christmas

 I want to be able to use the Memoir with Symlin.  The only reason why not?  Cartridges.  But there is no reason that Symlin -- who works with Lily I believe -- that it couldn't be packaged in cartridges. 

Using the Memoir with Symlin would be preferable to a disposable pen since it remembers.

As my readers know, I first alerted them to the Lilly Humapen Memoir in my posting last June from the American Diabetes Association

Source: Scott's Web Log: Press Release for Lilly Humapen Memoir

Close Concerns Weblog: Avoiding Burn Out: One Man’s Story

 Definately must read.  Very interesting philosophys.

For patients to avoid burn out, they have to believe they can influence their own destiny, and the same is true for doctors and diabetes educators. They have to believe in the merit, indeed the essentialness, of their work. For Alan Glaseroff, as both patient and clinician, we know that’s true.

Source: Close Concerns Weblog: Avoiding Burn Out: One Man’s Story

Diabetes Mine


The day unimagined has arrived:  I am a pumper.  I am woman, I wear Pod.  I can't believe I haven't injected myself in 3 entire days! 

I was going to leave a comment but the captcha graphic isn't loading.  Unfortunately a lot of your graphics are not loading and that my be a firewall issue on my end.

For all new pumpers -- it could take several weeks before you see an improvement in A1C.  The biggest improvement you'll see right away is how much easier it is to eat!  Just put in your carbs, and you're about done. 

I still don't get your objection to tubing, it honestly isn't a big deal.  Good luck on the insurance thing.

Source: Diabetes Mine

Close Concerns Weblog: A Godsend or A Scare: Results Can Vary Widely with Weightloss Surgery

The Charlie Weiss case and the warnings they give is one of the many reasons I've not gone for the weight loss surgery thing.  I've been looking at the articles on his case, and I'm not sure he has a malpractice case and I am not sure he should be suing.  You are warned going in that things can go wrong. 

Link to Close Concerns Weblog: A Godsend or A Scare: Results Can Vary Widely with Weightloss Surgery


Did finish another week of exercise -- I think it is starting to be a habit, but there are some days I really want to skip.

Twitter is probably more trouble than it's worth, but that's okay.

We seem to be surviving the identity theft.

And the best news, is that I survived TAKS testing just fine yesterday.  The organizers did a super job of making sure we were taken care of, but I would like next time that they schedule breaks later in the day, just in case.

My reliever was absolutely fantasic, and in my room exactly when she was supposed to be.