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Breaks are NOT good for me
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Mom update

She saw the "good" doctor today, the one smart enough to do a blood sugar test. They wrote her scripts for test strips and lancelets and wrote them the way I wanted -- test 4 times a day -- rather than only 1.

They got her hooked up with a diabetes educator. Sometime next week. I don't feel confident to help much with nutrition -- I do fine with my own, but I don't trust myself on hers, especially since I'm not there.

She brought in her blood sugar readings and her medications on separate index cards. They were VERY impressed, not just that she brought them in, but that she has been steadily lowering her blood sugar even with the small dose of amalyn that she is on.

So I think I've done a pretty good job as a long distance DE, but it will be nice to get her with a real one.