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Jury Duty over

It took all day.  First, for some dumb reason, I thought I had to be there at 8:00.  Nope, 8:30.  That's okay, because I got a really really good parking space.

It was a case I just couldn't serve on.  My husband thinks they probably already pulled me from the beginning since I'm a teacher.

Aggravated sexual assault of a minor under 14.  Two counts, one of oral and one of manual penetration. 

As it was, I was at the court house until 4:50.  Yeah, much longer day than I'm used to.

I was able to keep my blood sugar until control while there.  Poured the insulin on, with a 50% basal rate, just like I do for teacher workshops.

I did have to eat something in the afternoon, but I think that was more psychlogical than physical, but I was getting a headache.

The biggest impression I got?  None of the speakers would survive a high school classroom, but the defense lawyer was the worse.  He not only couldn't get to the point, he couldn't make a point.

Eye Exam

The eye doctor I use has a web page at describing the exam they do.  They link to which has more detail.

It removes a lot of the drawbacks of traditional exams, especially since it is easy to store and compare images.

According to the FAQs, it takes care of most of the eye exam needed by the diabetic.  The Optomap Retinal Exam will tell you if you have diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, retinal holes, tears and detachments, macular degeneration, malignant melanomas and many other retinal disorders.

Jury Duty

I am on Jury duty today. I was a bit stress as I was afraid my "friend" the Cingular 8125 woulfd not be allowed and also my Treo since both recordx and have built in cameras. My syringes aren't allowed but since I use the Accu-chek Multiclick that would be okay. Tossed my bag into the xray machine and walked through the metal detector without a peep.

However I ended up here in the Central Jury room about an hour early.

But some fun news - in the middle of this post I received an email telling me I'd won a $20 gift certificate from Amazon. That's one of my favorite places to shop!

SugarStats - Easy Online Diabetic Blood Sugar Tracking, Monitoring and Management » Blog Archive » 10 Tips for Travelling with Diabetes

Very good tips -- and having a modern pump like the Animas 1250 would also help.  It does alarming and calculates insulin on board for you. 

Here are some common and not-so-common tips that just might help you next time you’re trotting the globe.

Source: SugarStats - Easy Online Diabetic Blood Sugar Tracking, Monitoring and Management » Blog Archive » 10 Tips for Travelling with Diabetes

Lighter day

Marcie's ears had been bothering her yesterday -- so when I woke up tired and creaky, I decided to sleep in. Good thing, she threw up a chewie my husband had given the youngest dog.

I took my time -- even did my workout before I left, and only took Maggie. We got there literally just in time, they had already started walking her course. Plus since it was Novice and a small class, she was 4th dog in. I walked twice, got her, and watched the course from outside.

Never have I watched the cones so hard when I ran, but we ran clean and took a first. And we missed Qing by one point later in standard.

So not near as much walking, only 8211 steps today.

Agility brags and another week finished

By the way, today was one of my hardest exercise days ever, BUT I'd already gotten in over 11000 steps.   Yep, 11000 before exercise, and I've got 16305 now.  I'm not kidding.

The pedometer was enlighting today.  I know why I go home so exhausted now.  I did about 2000 steps for each run. 

Here's a typical run.  Wait for the judges to let us walk the course.  Walk the course, twice.  Go to the restroom, walk the course one more time if there is time.  Watch the class before finish.  Go get the dog.  Walk the dog long enough to go to the restroom.  Good news, is both girls are usually fast.  Wander around a lot bit as I'm waiting.  Run the course with the dog.  Walk dog to treats and give them treats.  Walk them back to the crates -- lately in the car and then go back to ringside.

Yeah, it's a lot of walking.  Like I said, 2000 steps worth.

Today was weird.  I got up and it was 57 degrees.  Decided to leave new Landend underwear at home, along with propane heater.  It steadily got warmer.

Sometime around noon, my knee started aching.  A few minuutes later, I felt a little colder.  Then it got REAL cold.  We had some light rain, then some really hard rain.  Finally it stopped raining -- poor storm phobic dog was in the crate in the car the whole time and as a result she was very freaky.

Oh, and we didn't Q.  Poor Marcie has a horrible ear infection and her ear flaps are inflamed.  Got together with my friends and we decided on Neosporin with pain reliever.  I'm hoping she feels better tomorrow.  She had to stop and shake her head on almost every jump. 

Yes, I'm exhausted.