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Mom Update

Stupid Pumping things

Well, I ended up wasting two Inset II sets. And this is why I think that you have to have a full box before you truly know if a set is right for you.

I put in my fourth set this morning. Everything looked good. Not sure what went wrong with the first set.

I decided to go shopping and walked right past my emergency bag -- which was probably a good thing in a way, because I didn't have any Inset IIs in it.

I decided to go shopping and get rid of my gift cards (I love gift cards, and got quite a few from parents this year -- please send more!) I ate breakfast late and in the middle because my blood sugar was high this morning and I wanted to see if my changes worked.

Ate, then had to go to the restroom. I don't know if I pulled the set off taking my clothing off, or what -- but since my blood sugar was 186, I suspect that was the case.

Here's the bad part -- I had no replacement sets and at least one stop I wanted to make. Debated, and decided to make that stop which of course took longer.

I still like the Inset IIs better than the originals, but they haven't eliminated human error -- as when I got home, instead of pulling the paper off the set, I pulled the set off the needle!

So that's how I wasted two sets.