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Finished Week 7

Even though I didn't get home until 8:00 two nights, and 6:00 pm one, I managed to get in all my workouts this week. It helped that I had the day off on Friday too.

I'm really hoping that my knee holds together -- though the good news is that the congestion finally subsided.

It works for me

Get on the scale daily to keep lost pounds off -

Losing excess weight is often easier than keeping it off. A new study shows that stepping on a scale every day, and adjusting eating and exercise habits accordingly, can go a long way in helping dieters maintain a weight loss.

Every time I've been successful I weighed pretty close to daily. Though I can get obsessed and it does sometimes bad fire.

Doctor's Visit

Saw my endo in the morning. A1C was 6.6 Primary care physician didn't seem to understand why Endo is doing the bloodwork he did (mostly kidney/liver function).

I am still congested, but not as bad and no infection, but I'm going to be competing in a horse barn this weekend -- very large barn, but it's still a barn. Endo sent me home with Nasanx. Primary care sent me home with Nasanx and Singular. I need to find out if Singular is compatible with diabetes.

Also ran dog by the vet to check out her allergies. Would be a shame if I feel better and she feels worse. She's on a different anti-hystimine.

Also discussed knee with both doctors. Endo gave me the suggestion of cartridge injection, and I'm going to look into it. If I could have a year or so without pain, sleep would be better, and probably exercise too.

A1c was 6.6. Not a bad one, but it's been better. Everything else is stable.

And the bad news? Neither had flu vaccine. Primary care was supposed to get in some today but it had not arrived, so I'm trolling for flu vaccine.

Interesting - Exubera User

Diabetes Mine: Interview with a Real, Live Exubera User (Under 50)

She just started using EXUBERA, the first commercially available inhalable insulin from Pfizer.

After reading the testimony, I still say "yech". I also don't think I'd do well since I have lung damage from gastric reflux.

Also, I absolutely positive cannot be on such a rigid eating plan.

But that's why MDI failed me.

Lizard Spit is as effective as insulin

Not only that, they didn't see the weight gain in the Byetta group.

FYI: I went to the pump because when I was on MDI, I kept having to eat to avoid lows and I kept gaining weight. I have done much better on the pump. If Byetta had been available I probably would have tried that first. I'm happy with the pump life though.

Diabetes In Control - Exenatide As Effective As Insulin

Results from a study indicating that exenatide improves blood sugar levels as effectively as biphasic insulin aspart 30/70 (NovoMix 30(R), NovoNordisk) for people with type 2 diabetes failing to achieve acceptable blood sugar control on both metformin and a sulfonylurea. This long-term clinical trial is the second study conducted at European clinical centers demonstrating that exenatide can control blood sugar as effectively as insulin.

I think it's allergies...

I have felt like doggy doo-doo and been severly congested since Saturday night.  I'm pretty sure it's fall inhalant allergy since Marcie feels just as bad, and we were both at an agility trial that might as well have been outside.

It was so bad I skipped out JWW runs and those are the legs I really want.  Oh, and Marcie and I did qualify Saturday morning in Standard.

Here's one way that food gets affected -- every evening when the congestion, drainage, etc. is the worse, I crave orange juice and chicken soup.  To be specific, for years I've treated severe congestion with the local fast food Chinese place's won ton and egg drop soup.  I have NO idea how to properly dose, especially since the side effect of allergy problems is a rise in blood sugar.

I wasn't too far off, but I'm glad we did the blood draw for the A1c on Thursday.