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Forgetting to Test
Glad I waited

Not Sleeping

So here's an example of how I don't sleep.  I got in from dog agility last night about 10:00 pm.  Forgot to take my Requip so it was about 10:30 before I took it.  About 11:00 pm I finally got to bed.  However, every time I laid down, I choked and coughed.  Note:  This does not work with a CPAP very well, especially with a full face mask.

For those wondering, there is a bit of a concern with full face mask that the patient will aspirate if they cough or reflux.  (Yeah, and I have that)

I got up and started fooling with a broken computer I have, which I have finally declared dead.  I also took some Tylonel PM so that the choking would stop.