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Probably for the non-pumper
Lizard Spit is as effective as insulin

I think it's allergies...

I have felt like doggy doo-doo and been severly congested since Saturday night.  I'm pretty sure it's fall inhalant allergy since Marcie feels just as bad, and we were both at an agility trial that might as well have been outside.

It was so bad I skipped out JWW runs and those are the legs I really want.  Oh, and Marcie and I did qualify Saturday morning in Standard.

Here's one way that food gets affected -- every evening when the congestion, drainage, etc. is the worse, I crave orange juice and chicken soup.  To be specific, for years I've treated severe congestion with the local fast food Chinese place's won ton and egg drop soup.  I have NO idea how to properly dose, especially since the side effect of allergy problems is a rise in blood sugar.

I wasn't too far off, but I'm glad we did the blood draw for the A1c on Thursday.