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Update - Have finished week 9!

How to get your doctor to call you back.

Have chest pains and tell them that you are having them.

Okay, I'm 99.99999% sure it is gastric reflux.  I break through my medication (as they say) every fall.  Every fall my gastric reflux has sent me back to the doctors for more medication.

But I was a bit alarmed myself when I was having chest pains after lunch, and walked across the hall to ask one of my coworkers what I should do.  Moving around help, as by the time I got there, solved the problem.

But I called my primary care physician anyway.  He called me back on a real phone (in his office) last night when he got my message.

He called the pharmacy and had 300 mg Zantac waiting there for me, and I slept better last night.  We'll see how it goes.

He also wanted me to talk to the cardiologist for it and told me to go to the ER if they lasted more than 10 minutes.  So I work almost equidistant to two different hospitals so I wanted to know which one -- they never WOULD say, but that's okay.  I think I'll go to Medical City Dallas, if I have to.

The bad part -- well, the two major sympthoms of gastric reflux I am having are sympthoms of congestive heart failure -- I know that's the sympthoms my dad had before he did.  Yeah, the chest pain and the coughing thing.

I really do think it is just gastric reflux.  It sucks.