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Gotten Behind Posting - Orthopedist Visit

Life has gotten full again.  I did complete all my workouts for last week -- Week 8. 

I went to an orthopedist yesterday, not one that the endo suggested, but one I found on the Simvisc <sp> site that was close to school.  Had to leave early to see him, and one of my coworkers took my class.

I was a bit disappointed at one point -- he did a full set of xrays, and when I told him the criteria I had for fixing the knees: reduce medication and not mess with blood sugars -- his answer was shoe inserts.  I thought that a bit odd.

However -- the xrays did show a problem with weight distribution.  He sent me to a place that makes the shoe inserts in the same building and they were able to make them while I waited.

I think they are helping, I wore them doing dog agility last night and I don't think I was as stiff this morning, though I did take a higher dose of Mobic last night too.

We'll have to see how this goes.  It would be great if it worked, the inserts are only $70.