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Okay, I'll be honest. I really don't like physical activity. Well, dog agility is my exception. I don't know why I like it, but I do. I do enjoy just about any type of dog training, so you'd think that walking my dogs would be pleasant, but nope.

My parents were not into playing sports, though they did take us places like roller skating or bowling. We just never did any regular physical activity.

I hated gym class as I was growing up. I'm left handed and awkard which meant that I got picked last, plus I had never really learned any gym skills. I hope PE teachers have quit the team picking thing, by the way.

When I have been successful exercising it has been extremely convenient. I joined a gym which I enjoyed until it shut down precisely because it was less than 1 mile from the house and on the way to school. I felt guilty if I didn't stop by either on the way home or to school. Plus it was close enough so I didn't have an excuse in the summer. Heck it was on the way to about 80% of my activities. Plus it was clean, the staff was friendly and they had good personal trainers.

However, when it closed, they moved me to a gym that was not on my way, was about twice as far away from the house so I had lots of excuses, plus the dressing room was on a different floor from the showers. And the workout room. I got more time on the stairs than on the equipment.

Right now, I have the best solution for me. I have a gym at the house. If it is in disrepair it is my fault (it isn't). I also have all the tools I need to be successful -- I use iShape as my personal trainer, I have a TV setup with a DVR, and I tape shows I like to watch. It's at the foot of the stairs so it is hard to avoid -- most of the time I leave the doors open even though the dogs make a mess in there.

I also get repetitive stress injuries on a regular basis. I've had carpel tunnel repair, I've had heel spurs, and I have been diagnosed with tarpel tunnel syndrome. Plus I've gone through P.T. twice now for a bad knee. Any one of the foot problems can sideline me for a while, especially when I have to do physical therapy.

I'll share some of my unsuccessful exercise attempts.

When I first started teaching school, I started walking the dogs every morning. Good plan, accept a) there were dogs that attacked MY dogs, and b) that's when I discovered my grass and tree pollen allergy. Man, I only walked about 3 weeks and I got a major ear infection. Plus my stress level was high over the attacking dogs.

I signed up for an expensive gym on the other side of town -- great place and cheap for teachers -- the Landry center, super trainers, BUT it took an extra 30 minutes to drive there, and it was an hour trip when I didn't go to school.