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Forgetting to Test

Blood Sugar Monitoring

For me, because of my Animas pump, remembering to test my blood sugar is pretty easy.  I have it set to remind me two hours after my last bolus.

HOWEVER, I often forget to test in the morning.  Almost every weekend and occasionally during the week, I'll figure that important, first test of the day.  I need to find a better way. 

I've learned to keep a spare meter in my purse, as I will occasionally forget my regular meter.  Once I even dropped it as I loaded up the car for agility.  I also keep spare meters tucked in places where I might need one.  The car, one in my gym -- and I would keep one in my gym locker if I had one, and I even have a spare at my desk at home.  If I thought I might lose my spare one, I would keep one in the classroom but so far I haven't.

Find a meter you like.  I really like the Freestyle meter (Therasense, Abbott Labs), but Medco didn't like covering it.  I took home several different types that they did like covering, and tried them for several days.  I would test off the same drop of blood.

Remember meters are NOT equal.  For example, the Freestyle meters and the One Touch meters use an almost opposite approach of putting blood on the test strip and the Freestyle method fails when you use the One Touch strip/meter and vice versa.

Also they tend to give different ranges of results.  My CDE once told me that the Freestyle average more closely matched the A1C than any other meter.  I believe, but can't prove it, that the individual types of One Touch meters read similarly, but I haven't performed an individual experiment.

By the way, one of the reasons the average Type 2 isn't compliant on testing blood sugar, is that the insurance companies do not like paying for strips.  To stretch money, I was told by my first CDE (when I was on medication), do to a testing schedule such as this:

Test fasting on Monday
Test before lunch on Tuesday
Test before dinner on Wednesday
Test at bedtime on Thursday
Test fasting on Friday
Test before lunch on Saturday
Test before dinner on Sunday

I'm not sure that is real smart, as it really doesn't tell you what is going on, but remember the common approach to diabetes in Type 2's is to throw a daily pill at it and cross your fingers and hope it works.

I personally think the "Patty LaBelle" method is good, but getting the insurance company to pay for the strips is going to be hard.  Basically eat the same meal several times and see what it does to the two-hour blood sugar.  That will open some eyes!