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Allergy medications

I am having a tough time taking Nasonex when I am supposed to. In fact, I think I forgot it again last night.

With medications, there are two problems with complanace -- making sure I actually take the drug, and making sure I don't take it twice.

With pills, it's easy. Every Saturday, I take my last dose of the week (morning and night) and I refill the pill strip. I can tell easily if I have taken the pills -- if I have, there is an empty space for that day. If not, they are sitting them and I should take them. No brainer -- I really do believe smart doctors and pharmacutical companies should provide the plastic pill containers marked by day.

Nasonex is harder. I can't tell if I took it. I've got my Treo set up with a task and reminder -- I have no idea if I took it last night, and since I didn't take my Requip, I am not sure I did. I certainly didn't tell my Treo. I also know I did not take it Monday night -- though I took the Requip.

I really do have trouble with any night time medication since I don't have a regular evening schedule.

I suspect I will end up taking Singulair as my seasonal allergy medication, since I can easily tell if I took it and can handle a missed dose fairly easily -- take it the next morning.