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This is scary...
This does not surprise me at all

Medco frustrations again

Have I mentioned lately how much Medco makes me crazy? Here's the latest.

Zyrtec. Along with diabetes and gastric reflux, I'm allergic to dust and also have the typical Texas seasonal allergies. Remember I teach high school. I dropped a dime yesterday morning and discovered 1/4" layer of dust under my desk. Wonder when they last swept there?

So Zyrtec comes up as due to reorder, I reorder, and it sits there not being shipped. I finally get a message saying it needs to be authorized by my doctor, and that they aren't shipping. Then two days later it pops up again, saying it's due to reorder. I reorder -- after I've had a conversation with a pharmacist to see if I should try an over the counter. And guess what -- it's on its way.