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September 2006

Medco frustrations again

Have I mentioned lately how much Medco makes me crazy? Here's the latest.

Zyrtec. Along with diabetes and gastric reflux, I'm allergic to dust and also have the typical Texas seasonal allergies. Remember I teach high school. I dropped a dime yesterday morning and discovered 1/4" layer of dust under my desk. Wonder when they last swept there?

So Zyrtec comes up as due to reorder, I reorder, and it sits there not being shipped. I finally get a message saying it needs to be authorized by my doctor, and that they aren't shipping. Then two days later it pops up again, saying it's due to reorder. I reorder -- after I've had a conversation with a pharmacist to see if I should try an over the counter. And guess what -- it's on its way.

I find this to be true, myself

Optimizing Sleep Duration and Quality Improves Glycemic Control in Diabetes

When I am having difficulty sleeping I also have difficulty with my blood sugar control.
Optimizing sleep duration and quality should be tested as an intervention to improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM), according to the results of a cross-sectional study reported in the September 18 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

I'm depressed

At the end of our faculty meeting today, the principal shared with us that one of our collegues had gone in for surgery to remove a blockage and a tumor was discovered.  I think he said that they found that he had both stomach and liver cancer too, but not entirely sure about the liver cancer thing. 

It was a rough way to start the day.  Kinda of makes you wonder if all the finger sticks, knee pain, etc. is worth it all.

The good news is that the vending machine is only taking correct change and it hurt to much to walk back up to the room to get change and go back and get something to eat.

The bad news is that the PSTA put Hersey bars in our boxes, or maybe that WAS a good thing.

The good news is that I've eaten dinner and the TDD for the day so far is around 24.00

Though Macy says she's happy because she's got people who love her and plenty of toys to play with. 

CGMS Coverage?

Diabetes Mine: Trouble in Reimbursement City

Diabetes Mine writes about it:

We've been asking the question, "How soon will insurance providers start covering continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices?" But it seems the more accurate inquiry would be, "Why won't insurance providers 'reimburse' for CGM devices any time soon?"

And it looks to me that they don't seem real wild about compensating for finger sticks.

So we have to decide if we want to pay.

My career as a conformation handler

I wrote about my first day -- and how I had problems with my pump and high blood sugar due to the newest.

The second day went much better, though I didn't sleep very well. Even forgot to check my morning blood sugar, but I was normal after the class. I ended up not showing in Rally because Marcie just didn't have it together.

I've since made a decision. I don't want to spend my weekends getting dressed up, shaving my dog's face, and cutting off her hair along her neck and legs. If she was a super beagle, and it wouldn't take long to finish her, I'd do it. So I have an appointment with the local spay/neuter clinic on Friday.

I'm going to take more time getting Marcie ready for Rally -- maybe next spring.

In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate on my sport. Agility. Where it really doesn't matter if I fall on my face.

And maybe someday, I'll try it again, but not now and not with this dog.

Interesting Day

Started out not sleeping well and woke up about 5:00 and discovered the pump was disconnected. Since I had to get up early anyway, I did. Blood sugar was 150 after I finally got out the shower and got everything together. Corrected, ate breakfast.

Showed Macy the first time in conformation, boy was I nervous, was wondering if this morning was going to be the massive coronary event I pray for, heard every heart beat. We got through it. She won the puppy class, and going back in to compete for Winner's wasn't bad.

Blood sugar was 250 when I hit the car, I bolused right for breakfast, did the Symlin thing, etc. Had to have been the nerves, and I even was on my agility program!

We do this again tomorrow, and I think I'll add about 20% to the basal rate (and go with the agility rate), and see if I can have a better blood sugar. I'm going to set it around 6:00 am, and have it only go for half an hour, which is about as long as we did conformation.

Of course, showing Rally will be just as bad, poor Marcie is going to be very upset, but she'll get over it. Probably won't Q, but at least there is only one first time, and hopefully there won't be as many important people around the Rally ring. Part of the problem with conformation, is that I just don't fit in with those people. I'm a agility/obedience type. If you don't do dogs you wouldn't know the difference -- except we don't dress as well, for one thing.

Also, I bought the car. I almost bought the same car I had. But hey, I liked it. I ended up with an Escape. Husband thinks, and I agree we need custom cages, so I'm going to look for them at the shows this weekend -- there actually someone in the area that does them. Actually I brought it up.

The biggest thing, is that the crates I have know had lips on the side. If my crates were straight up and down they would fit better. And I could go with wire, but trust me they make more noise.

And I almost forgot -- I got in ALL of this week's exercise.

Blogging about it helps!