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Exercise - Finishing Week 5

I'm depressed

At the end of our faculty meeting today, the principal shared with us that one of our collegues had gone in for surgery to remove a blockage and a tumor was discovered.  I think he said that they found that he had both stomach and liver cancer too, but not entirely sure about the liver cancer thing. 

It was a rough way to start the day.  Kinda of makes you wonder if all the finger sticks, knee pain, etc. is worth it all.

The good news is that the vending machine is only taking correct change and it hurt to much to walk back up to the room to get change and go back and get something to eat.

The bad news is that the PSTA put Hersey bars in our boxes, or maybe that WAS a good thing.

The good news is that I've eaten dinner and the TDD for the day so far is around 24.00

Though Macy says she's happy because she's got people who love her and plenty of toys to play with.