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Screwed up another Mexican food experiment

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher" night.  Husband is on vacation so no one was home to take care of dogs.  I decided to "treat" myself with my favorite comfort food, El Chico's Chicken Fajita Chimiganga.  And beans and chips.

I did an extended bolus -- half my insulin immediately and half over 2 hours.  At 2 hours after I was at 179, not bad.  BUT at 4 hours after, I was at 330.  Yikes!

So it's force fluids and at least it will be easy to get to sleep.  I've done a can of cafeine free diet coke and a large bowl of egg drop soup. 

The rest of the day was pretty good, though I did go lower than I like before lunch and after I moved furniture.

Still on the mini-rollar coaster

The changes I made yesterday did help, but I'm still having problems.

I headed towards low during my exercise session, and had to eat more on the way to dog class. However, I turned my basal down to 50% for the two hours of dog class, and finished at 175, and then did a correction.

I'm starting the day off at 107, which is a good thing. Yesterday I started off at 137 and with a correction.

I'm still seeing a trend of reducing my TDD, but I am not losing weight. In fact, I may be gaining, which is frustrating.


There is a certain group of people who persist in using my posts against detection dog training for their own advertising purposes. I thought very little of detection dogs when I saw them on Dlife, and their attempts to spam my blog have caused my opinion to drop to negative.

Rest assured, I will not let anyone use my blog to advertise services or goods. In fact, I've turned the commenting off of those entries and off of this entry because of the spamming.

About the only good thing I can say about them, as that the use of detection dogs is not as painful as the Glucowatch. However, they are taking a lot larger sum of money.

I've had associations with assistance dogs in the past, and in the case of legimate detection dogs, the assistant dog did cost the user any money. All expenses were paid through donations. That is true of Seeing Eyes, Canine Companions, and Texas Hearing Dogs. Anyone who is selling an assistant dog is not legimate.

Blood sugar levels are driving me nuts

Of course, it's a short drive.

Seriously. Overall, my control hasn't been bad. But I've been hitting a low every evening. I've been tracking my TDD closely and it has dropped. Those of you who pump understand that if your TDD drops, you have to adjust everything.

I keep a spreadsheet of the 14 day average, which also calculates boluses based on the rule of 500 and corrections based on the rule of 1800. I try to use those numberes as references, but adjust both boluses and corrections conservatively.

However, I got so tired of being low, especially in the evening, this morning, I just broke down and moved all my corrections up to 40, hoping that will solve the problem -- which is what my spreadsheet says they should be. I also adjusted my non-regular boluses to 11 -- again, what my spreadsheets says they should be, just in case. I am still being conversative about my meal time boluses, only adjusting them according to my meter readings.

Here's what I do. If I start seeing consistantly post pranial readings of under 130, I'll up the carb ratio. If I see post pranial reading over 150 consistantly, I drop the carb ratio. And I always change just be one.

I do the same thing on corrections, but they can be hard to see if I correct too close to a meal. I'm hoping it will all balance out in a few days. Like I said, it's driving me nuts.

I don't know if I'm losing weight, I kind of doubt it, since I"m having to eat to avoid treatable lows.

Proof were barking up the right tree

Journal Scan -- Type 2 Diabetes

Effect of Lowering LDL Cholesterol Substantially Below Currently Recommended Levels in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes: The Treating to New Targets (TNT) Study

My endo has me on Vitorian and is working hard to bring all my values down. I kind of blew it the last few months but I think I'm doing better now. Part of it is just keeping the blood sugar control tight too.

Agility Trial

Just finished the first trial of the fall season. Blood sugar was wonderful. Never over 188 the whole time but I also did not eat. Left with blood sugar of 127.

Our runs:
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Subj: TKC Brags

Maggie had a decent first Excellent Standard run with her usual problems. Weaves, table, and had problems with one tunnel.

Marcie had a nice standard run. I was ready to pull her. She did everything but go through the last tunnel. I pulled her out by going too far ahead for her.

I messed up two jumps for Marcie. She ran very well. Looks like she recovered friom the pancreatitis.

Maggie had problems with the weaves, then I missed up a jump and then later she lost focus.

I am real pleased with all four runs.

We only got into the one day.