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Problems with Boluses

Why I hate teacher workshops

Its because the hosts try to kill me.

Their favorite is by putting me in a room that has a bed on a desk. That is happened years ago here at Carnegie and at a workshop in Arkasas.

This year they fooled me into thinking we were going to eat. They scheduled dinner for 7:00 pm Pittsburg time whiich is 6:00 Dallas time.

They opened up beverages, cheese vegatables dip and crackers. I did the Symlin thing and the insulin thing and did 5.00 units my standard wild ass guess.

At around 8:00 I got nervous and the host said we'd eat in 2 minutes. 5 minutes later he started a game where everyone had to sort themselves and then do something else.

I did not wait for something else. I took him aside told him I was in trouble and he handed me off to the catering manager who fed me.

Lesson learned - shoot up and pump when the food you want is in your hand.

The something else involved people introducing other people. I ate sloly hitting the carbs first.

FYI: 2 hours later after walking to the dorm I was at 147. Not bad for a wild ass guess. They had really good choclate cake for dessert. I did stay away from rice.

Betch breakfast is 100% and it a good mile walk away. I think I will have ti my milk duds for breakfast tomorrow.