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So that's where it went....
If this is true, I'm in trouble

Traveling -- and good CPAP News

First, I'm getting my new small Responics "M" series machine on Friday. Just a week before I fly to Pittsburg. That will give me a night or two to get adjusted to it at home.

I've got only 7 more days of Summer school -- one day of that is finals -- so we're getting close and closer to the end.

Friday, day after summer school, I'm heading to Pittsburg. I have a no-stop flight from Dallas. I've got information today from Carnegie Melon and they suggest catching a bus that stops at a stop just in front of the building where I am supposed to get my room and key assignment. I'm hoping to put all clothing for the trip and all items for the trip in one bag AND pack the CPAP machine in that bag. That might be wishful thinking. I'll have another big bag that will have all my immediate emergency stuff with me. Of course it's a big bag!

The workshop is from Friday to Monday, ends aobut noon on Monday and my aunt is supposed to pick me up, and I'll spend a quick 24 hours with her. We'll probably spend most of the time talking dogs and dog agility since we have that in common.

Yes, I'm anxious!

My plan is to wear a lot of tshirt dresses since they travel well.