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July 2006

Hit the ground running

When I got back from Pittsburgh, I hit the ground running and haven't had time to stop. I'm back in physical therapy with the knee. I think that is a good thing, and I think I should have planned this anyway.

My biggest goal for the next week (yes, I start back in one week), is to get organized. I see the endo and the cardiologist next Thursday, and am planning to see the primary care physician to make sense of everything the Tuesday after -- that wasn't my plan, he's out of town.

I want to get back into the weight loss mode, but I'm not sure how that is going to happen.

The last day

I made it through the workshop. Blood sugar has been good and sleep hasn't been bad.

I was desperate for a protein based breakfast so walked to the Subway and discovered it was closed.

However there was a restaurant. I managed to find a psuedo Egg Muffin it wasn't as good.

However I got a no delivery alarm after breakfast. I checked my set and I was actually disconnected and had been since I had disconnected to shower. The tube half of the set was just stuck in my underwear.

I have never done that before and was thrilled to death that the pump was that smart.

So I bolused again for my meal. A hour later my blood sugar was 140.

Problems with Boluses

I have actuallt missed at least one bolus a day where I swear I entered the bolus in the pump.

However, I cannot prove to myself much less any one else that it is a pump problem.

It happened a few times with the old pump but it is happening dailty this morning.

I do think it might be caused by my own fatique.

Why I hate teacher workshops

Its because the hosts try to kill me.

Their favorite is by putting me in a room that has a bed on a desk. That is happened years ago here at Carnegie and at a workshop in Arkasas.

This year they fooled me into thinking we were going to eat. They scheduled dinner for 7:00 pm Pittsburg time whiich is 6:00 Dallas time.

They opened up beverages, cheese vegatables dip and crackers. I did the Symlin thing and the insulin thing and did 5.00 units my standard wild ass guess.

At around 8:00 I got nervous and the host said we'd eat in 2 minutes. 5 minutes later he started a game where everyone had to sort themselves and then do something else.

I did not wait for something else. I took him aside told him I was in trouble and he handed me off to the catering manager who fed me.

Lesson learned - shoot up and pump when the food you want is in your hand.

The something else involved people introducing other people. I ate sloly hitting the carbs first.

FYI: 2 hours later after walking to the dorm I was at 147. Not bad for a wild ass guess. They had really good choclate cake for dessert. I did stay away from rice.

Betch breakfast is 100% and it a good mile walk away. I think I will have ti my milk duds for breakfast tomorrow.

On the way

I'm at the gate waiting for my flight.

So far I've made lots of mistakes.

First I didn't bolus for breakfast. This was good as I was at 124 when we drove into the airport entrance. At last check I was at 170 and did a correction.

Keep your boarding pass in your hand. Don't put it in your bag and then put the bag in the xray machine. My second mistake.

The pump did not set off the metal detector. But they had to send my purse through xray twice because of the boarding pass then.

My bag with clothing and emergency battery also had to go through twice.

I do believe everything I packed and put in the car is with me.

The problem with living with multiple chronic diseases

Last night I went to a late dog class (9:00 pm). Checked my blood sugar before class. It was 110. YIKES! Not good. Got something to eat.

Blood sugar was at 187 two hours later, something I can comfortably go to sleep with without worrying about going low.

Woke up at 5:00 am in excutiating pain. GERD. Couldn't get back to sleep until 5:45, and needed to be rolling at 6:15 at the latest, since I did have at least my computer stuff done.

Have dragged ALL day, ever since. The good news, is that I needed to work on a group program and had no energy to fight with anyone.

I was tired on the way home, I wanted to pull over and take a nap, but didn't dare, since it was always 100 degrees outside.

Hopefully I can sleep on the plane.

Embroyonic Stem Cells

The Diabetes OC is astir right now over the current Congressional votes on embryonic stem cell research.

I'm personally against the federal government supporting embryonic stem cell research.

I believe that other stem cell research shows much more promise and needs to be researched long before we go so far as embryonic stem cell research.

Already, embryonic stem cell research has crossed ethical boundaries -- results have been falsied, etc. and I think its just something to completely stay away from until all other research has been exhausted.

I also don't think you are going to get very far with transplants, or other replacements of the pancreas until you find out why the body is destroying beta cells in the first place.