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CPAP isn't working right


I'm trying to recover from the school year, especially the last few weeks. I got extremely depressed and upset over how much material I was able to cover with my students. I was one complete unit short with one group.

Their grades were not as bad as I expected. I'm trying not to beat myself up too badly since it really wasn't my fault, I've only had them since January 23.

So I've spent the last two days in the bathroom, but finally got that problem stabilized, severe diarreah which is scary when you are diabetic because you don't know how much food is getting processed and how much is just getting dumped, plus the dehydration possibilities.

I'm also working on my two summer projects. I met with my partner on the district final (one didn't show and gave one of his song and dances), and we spent an hour or so planning our approach. I'm going in one day next week and get some work started so we can make more progress when we can met next.

I also went through summer school training and I'm working on getting my lessons in the computer. A lot of the material is already in electronic format, but there is one book that I'm having to scan in lessons.

I am not sure if we'll have copies in our classroom when we get back -- long story, so I'm also going to put together my first week's lesson on hardcopy so I can make copies.

We have 22 teaching days.

I'm looking forward to all of that.