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When to Test?

Eventually I learn

Whenever I start a new semester or have a major schedule change, I've just got to realize that I'm going to have to take an off week.

Believe me, last week I tried, but then every morning I woke up and my knee was aching.

I just don't sleep well when I get a different set of students. My mind whirls, and I keep thinking of things that have to be done before tomorrow.

Summer school was no different.

I am back on a routine now, in fact, I'm almost done with my walking (it's an off day for weights).

Busy week though, I need to get back in before Thursday to work on my final, and I'm going to concentrate on learning Blackboard before the workshop on Thursday.

And I'm off to an agility trial in Monroe Lousiana this weekend (husband is staying home).

Oh, and I've got Take Home Chef going on the background and I still think it is cool, and having Curtis Stone cook for me is STILL a top fantasy.