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June 2006

Maggie had a good day!

Monroe turned out good. Maggie took a first place in Open and a 3rd place in Excellent A.

Last year at Monroe, people asked me to take her away from the ring as she was snapping at their dogs and barking. This year, not one person asked me to do that.

Last year, she stuck her head in a hole in the hall and bellowed. This year she stayed with me. Also the hole had an access panel covering it.

She's been a bit of a wonder beagle for me. I really think I brought her out a season too early. Maggie is a rescue. She was "free to a good home", found on a chain with no house. She's had 8 puppies, beagles, thankfully, and her rescue family has all the puppies now. Of course, they are all adult dogs.

Her head is deformed, we think congential, as her puppies came out fine, she is both wry and has an overbite. She has very silky hair, not correct in a beagle which means she gets old very easy. We call her the sport beagle as she is built like a sports car, very long leggy and very skinny. She runs FAST. She yells a lot. A full bodied beagle bellow that pushes her backwards.

Marcie on the other hand was a lead balloon both days.

Got to see my niece and her fiancee on Saturday. Saw my mom and sister today.

The trip was worth while. I only forgot socks and a contact lens case. Both were easily obtainable. However, I ended up changing sites three times, but that is normal for dog agility.

So Maggie is now Maggie, OA, OAJ and has caught up with Marcie on Excellent A JWW legs.

Oh, and my husband the mailman had a cookie in the mailslot for her.

There are pictures of previous trials at

Irresponsible Diabetic FollowUp

Okay, here's what scares me the most. She doesn't remember the lows!

Three people watched her not move for more than 5 minutes. She says she was drinking her Dr. Pepper the whole time.

I am hoping I got to her today. We all kind of agreed last night if any one can reach her, I've got the best chance.

I tried.

Irresponsbile Diabetic

I have a friend here in Monroe, at the agility trial who is a diabetic. And every year several agility friends and I meet her at a restaurant for dinner.

She absolutely scares the bejesus out of me, because at 3 different meals she has arrived at the restaurant low. Tonight was the absolute worse, and I honestly thought she was going into a seizure. She did not respond for 5 minutes didn't move, etc. The only reason I didn't force glucose gel down her throat was because she had already drank about 8 oz. of Dr. Pepper (the non-diet kind).

And yes, she drove herself to the restaurant.

I'm lucky. I can feel the low coming on. In fact, sometimes I feel like I'm low but I'm not (that happened this afternoon), but I always ALWAYS check when I feel that way.

She's a Type 1 and I do realize that most Type 1 spike from low to high quicker than I do. I also know that there is gylcemic unawareness going on, but can you PLEASE check your blood sugar and fix it before you get in the car?

Sorry, it makes me nuts.


I'm in Monroe, Louisiana for a dog agility trial. I have been half inclined not to come all week. Part of it is the 5 hour drive and the fact that they didn't finish today until just a few minutes ago -- I know because people who run in my class just showed up at the hotel.

Of course, they always get things going faster on Sunday, as every one is ready to go, especially since this is a 4 day trial.

When we run in Dallas, we go small to tall, more experienced dogs to less experienced in both class, and I'm usually done and out by 2:00 pm. This trial is large to small, and in one ring, they start with the less experienced dogs. Unfortunately both of my dogs are in the Excellent class, which puts us at the end of the day.

The drive wasn't bad. I've been listening to Wicked, the whole trip. I recently signed up for Audible books and while I don't listen much in town, it's nice for a long drive. So far, Wicked is an interested book. It's about the Wicked Witch of the West.

I also downloaded some inexpensive books that I had already read and liked, but years ago, in case I didn't like Wicked.

I really like my hotel room. It's a premium single and has a microwave and refrigator. I brought my food from Diet Gourmet, though I'm eating out every night. I also brought an extra vial of Symlin and an extra vial of Insulin. I'll put them in the small cooler on the way home.

Packing the new CPAP machine went well, and I brought all those pieces. So far, the only things I know I left were treats for the dogs and socks, so I'm hitting the Walmart across the street after dinner. Better than forgetting Syringes.

I think I'm going to get to see my niece tomorrow morning, and my sister and mom are thinking of coming Sunday. They all live in Brandon Mississippi. Niece is visiting her father in Shreveport this weekend, and since Monroe is on the way, and the trial site is right on the highway, she hasn't got an excuse not to drop by and visit. I'll get to meet her fiancee this way too.

Husband is at home, he doesn't do dog shows.

Eventually I learn

Whenever I start a new semester or have a major schedule change, I've just got to realize that I'm going to have to take an off week.

Believe me, last week I tried, but then every morning I woke up and my knee was aching.

I just don't sleep well when I get a different set of students. My mind whirls, and I keep thinking of things that have to be done before tomorrow.

Summer school was no different.

I am back on a routine now, in fact, I'm almost done with my walking (it's an off day for weights).

Busy week though, I need to get back in before Thursday to work on my final, and I'm going to concentrate on learning Blackboard before the workshop on Thursday.

And I'm off to an agility trial in Monroe Lousiana this weekend (husband is staying home).

Oh, and I've got Take Home Chef going on the background and I still think it is cool, and having Curtis Stone cook for me is STILL a top fantasy.