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I just love these articles


I'm in Shawnee Oklahoma for a dog agility trial. Arrived right at 3:00 pm.

The hotel is interesting. It just changed hands and is being remodeled. I don't think they have remodeled mine yet, but it not in bad shape, so maybe they have.

Unfortunately, I have a smoking room upstairs, though they did haul up my cooler for me and got a microwave into the room. Actually the service has been excellent.

The desk clerk is very sweet, and I think she is the owner. I think they are having an A/C problem in the other rooms.

Anyway, I think I brought almost everything I need. I did forget to pack a box of syringes. Weird, I've been on Symlin for a year and I didn't think about that. I should keep a box in the car.

I took my insulin and Symlin to the pharmacy across the street and got my same needles for about $6.00 which isn't bad at all. Didn't give me a minutes problem.

I also forgot to bring a third pair of black pants, but I think I can survive without them.

Trial site looks pretty good. My instructor does not like the fact that they aren't running the rings concurrently, but I don't care as long as they keep things moving. It's a small trial, they limited it to 440 entries.

One of my friends dogs took a Group 3 with her Siberian. I'm really thrilled for her.

I've got everything set up so it shouldn't be too bad. Cages are at ringside and I've got a set of cages in the hotel room.

I'm going to give the pool a try. They supposedly finished remodeling this week.