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Agility Trial

I'm back from Shawnee, Oklahoma. I don't like making a big deal on the blog out of a trip before I go. We didn't Q all weekend, and it was definately my fault.

First, Maggie is learning that she needs to keep track of the course. I started to take her off course yesterday, but she stayed on course, and then today, I called a down instead of a sit. In both cases, she saved the day. We still didn't Q though.

I was still stressed out over the school year, but it is getting better, and I think the trip helped.

There are two things I haven't been doing. One is that I haven't been taking care of myself enough. Yes, I've been working out, but I am still having problems with food intake.

The other is training my dogs at home. I've just been taking the girls to class, and have even missed a few of those.

I have until June 7 to decide if I am going to the next trial.


It is not going as well as I would like. I got here and Marcie was entered in the wrong jump height which has been fixed but I had not had that happen before.

My lung function is really low and I think that is a result of the affects of stress on my gastric reflux. All the acid ends up in my lungs.

I know that gaining weight is not helping either.


I'm in Shawnee Oklahoma for a dog agility trial. Arrived right at 3:00 pm.

The hotel is interesting. It just changed hands and is being remodeled. I don't think they have remodeled mine yet, but it not in bad shape, so maybe they have.

Unfortunately, I have a smoking room upstairs, though they did haul up my cooler for me and got a microwave into the room. Actually the service has been excellent.

The desk clerk is very sweet, and I think she is the owner. I think they are having an A/C problem in the other rooms.

Anyway, I think I brought almost everything I need. I did forget to pack a box of syringes. Weird, I've been on Symlin for a year and I didn't think about that. I should keep a box in the car.

I took my insulin and Symlin to the pharmacy across the street and got my same needles for about $6.00 which isn't bad at all. Didn't give me a minutes problem.

I also forgot to bring a third pair of black pants, but I think I can survive without them.

Trial site looks pretty good. My instructor does not like the fact that they aren't running the rings concurrently, but I don't care as long as they keep things moving. It's a small trial, they limited it to 440 entries.

One of my friends dogs took a Group 3 with her Siberian. I'm really thrilled for her.

I've got everything set up so it shouldn't be too bad. Cages are at ringside and I've got a set of cages in the hotel room.

I'm going to give the pool a try. They supposedly finished remodeling this week.

Mobic (anti-inflammatory)

My doctor does not like subscribing COX anti-inflammatories to diabetics and was very unhappy that I was using up my Bextra.

He gave me quite a bit of samples of Mobic, and I've taken a 7.5 mg dose. I've got a few 15 mg doses which I'm going to save for this weekend.

He really wants me to stop using them each day, but I really have knee pain. I tried to go shopping this weekend and this evening, and the knees were really bothering me.

So it's a problem right now.

Oh, and the reason why? Kidney problems. Okay, he can worry about my kidneys, and the rest of us can worry about the cardio vascular system, since that's what did in the last two generations.

Symlin Games

Frankly the Symlin has not been doing it for me.

Yes, it allows me to use less insulin but it hasn't helped with controlling eating.

So I've been playing with the dose. I will repeat the warning my doctor gave: "remerber we don't know a lot about Symlin yet"

He did say he's more comfortable with me playing with it more than other patients but I'm the one who emailed why I was coming in and had print outs of every piece of data he wanted.

So I am doing 25 units of Symlin until i can start losing weight again.

CPAP Problem

I'm on my way to solving my problems. Called my DME supplier for my CPAP masks and asked if possibily it was time to get a new mask as it was getting uncomfortable after a few hours. They said, yep, it was last September and I should have it in the mail tomorrow!


Especially since I woke up at 5:30 this morning and it was extremely uncomfortable.

I also ordered new filters and new humidifer chamber from this weekend. I ought to see about getting the machine itself transferred to the new company, since the old one is out of network, though I would think that by now I'd own the thing.

This is how CPAP machines work since so many people are unsuccessful with them (at least I'm guessing this is the reason). The insurance company pays to rent the machine from the DME, and they are responsible for maintenance. At some point, after several years, it becomes "yours". I suppose when it is out of warranty.

Traveling next weekend

I'm going to a dog show and agility trial in Shawnee Oklahoma, which is just outside of OKC. The hotel sounds pretty nice, there is a refrigator and microwave in the room, so I am going to take my food. I may still eat out a meal or two, it's nice to have a choice.

I think I might start packing today. I need at least double of everything.

The source of my stress

It actually all started about 4 years ago, shortly before I was diagnosed. We got a new principal whose mission was to get rid of any dead weight. Unfortunately I knew her by reputation, she was the principal that ran out an education classmate of mine her first year of teaching. I also knew she had been somewhat unreasonable to a friend of mine at her prior school. There is an article that describes her tactics on the internet but I'm not going to link to it. Even though the principal has retired, I don't want to say too much.

I was diagnosed with diabetes that September. I had a lot of problems as a result -- I think my blood sugar was okay until the glucose tolerance test, but after it my blood sugar was extremely elevated and stayed that way for several months.

I do believe that the problems I have had with diabetes has much affected how well I teach and also how well I get along with other people. It even affects adversely the way I deal with stressful situations. I still don't have the energy level I had before my diagnosis.

Anyway, I think the above all contributed to my feeling like I was a target. I still do not feel comfortable in my world as a result and it will be a long time.

Right now, I'm very much aware of the fact that my students are not prepared for their exams, and not only is there nothing I can do about it now, I already did the best I could give the time and materials I had to work with. I can intellectually tell myself that, and I'm even sure that my building leadership would agree with me, but I still am not comfortable unless I feel like my students are completely prepared.

The good news, is that I will have this summer to try to make things better for next year's students.