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Lab Results

Agility Trial

I'm back from Shawnee, Oklahoma. I don't like making a big deal on the blog out of a trip before I go. We didn't Q all weekend, and it was definately my fault.

First, Maggie is learning that she needs to keep track of the course. I started to take her off course yesterday, but she stayed on course, and then today, I called a down instead of a sit. In both cases, she saved the day. We still didn't Q though.

I was still stressed out over the school year, but it is getting better, and I think the trip helped.

There are two things I haven't been doing. One is that I haven't been taking care of myself enough. Yes, I've been working out, but I am still having problems with food intake.

The other is training my dogs at home. I've just been taking the girls to class, and have even missed a few of those.

I have until June 7 to decide if I am going to the next trial.