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To Dexcom or not to Dexcom

Got an email from a Dexcom employee today, my doctor has trained so they just need a letter of medical necessity.

Obviously it isn't covered by insurance yet. I don't suffer from a lot of hypos, BUT my performance at work is affected by blood sugar. Example, I was feeling tired, cranky and out of sorts this afternoon. Tested and was at 252 (but only tested because it was "time"). Cause: my infusion set was bloody, so I assume that was the reason. Don't know why, blood sugar was fine before lunch, didn't do anything different. Weird.

I have unexplained highs and lows like any diabetic, just not as high and low as a Type 1.

I've got an email out to my doctor.

So do I hold out for the Navigator, which will probably work with the Cozmo -- and I wouldn't mind going with a Cozmo pump, next pump.

Or do I go with the Dexcom which already has a deal with J&J (the meter it pairs with is a Lifescan)?

Or do I wait for insurance.

FYI: I'm predicting a price war.