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TDD is going down!

It's been a major effort, but my TDD is slowly going down. If you've been reading for a while, you'll know I have had some major stress in my life, plus I injured my knee slowing down my workouts. My TDD got back up to over 60 units a day, 80 a few times, even doing Symlin.

Well, I've been making a effort to follow my iShape workouts every day and I've done very well with that. At first, the workouts were just smoothing out my blood sugars, but finally I started having to eat after working out to avoid a lot. In fact, I'm still having to do that, even though I lower my basal to 50% for exercise.

I have also been making better choices. Choosing lower carb snacks when I absolutely positively have to eat. My favorite meal is one of the packaged Ceasar salad, add a bit more salad dressing and either chicken or tuna. The bulk helps the most.

Anyway, I'm celebrating as I've gotten my average TDD to 45 units a day, my bolus ratios and correction ratios are also decreasing -- yeah, it all works that way. I think I've stopped gaining weight and I'm hoping to start losing again.

To Dexcom or not to Dexcom

Got an email from a Dexcom employee today, my doctor has trained so they just need a letter of medical necessity.

Obviously it isn't covered by insurance yet. I don't suffer from a lot of hypos, BUT my performance at work is affected by blood sugar. Example, I was feeling tired, cranky and out of sorts this afternoon. Tested and was at 252 (but only tested because it was "time"). Cause: my infusion set was bloody, so I assume that was the reason. Don't know why, blood sugar was fine before lunch, didn't do anything different. Weird.

I have unexplained highs and lows like any diabetic, just not as high and low as a Type 1.

I've got an email out to my doctor.

So do I hold out for the Navigator, which will probably work with the Cozmo -- and I wouldn't mind going with a Cozmo pump, next pump.

Or do I go with the Dexcom which already has a deal with J&J (the meter it pairs with is a Lifescan)?

Or do I wait for insurance.

FYI: I'm predicting a price war.

More on the cost issue

dLife Today: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

A recent UK decision highlights one of the problems with universal coverage, and interestingly enough, it isn't that different from an issue faced by Americans under many managed care programs - cost pressures that deny life-enhancing drugs.

This definately bit me in the rear when I first went on an insulin pump. My diabetes care and my life has improved significantly since I started pumping insulin. However, the HMO I belonged to, wouldn't fund it, and I did it out of pocket. I'll probably have to do the CGMS system out of pocket too, I just have to decide if it is worth it.

Life has been nuts

The weeks of stress and limited exercise took their toll. I'm up about 5 pounds.

The good news is that I've finally gotten to where I can exercise following my iShape plan, and have finally started reducing, rather than increasing my insulin usage, so maybe they will go away.

I am having real problem with the repeaters attitudes, and they are really getting to me. I'm sick to death of their lack of respect. I actually left after 2nd period yesterday -- but desperately wanted the whole day off, but went in because we had an important faculty meeting.

Hopefully today will go better. Today is operant conditioning day, which means I'm taking Marcie with me.

Time Change SUCKS!

Between the diabetes and the sleep disorders and the knee the time change is sucking.

The sad part is, I can go asleep any time but when and where I am supposed to. For example, I dozed off for a minute in front of the TV about an hour ago.

Knee aches which is not helping.

However, I do have some good news. I've been doing my iShape workouts for 4 weeks now and while my insulin usage is staying steady (and higher than I like), my blood sugars are smoother. And just this week i started using my temporary basal to drop my rate before and during exercise instead of eating to prevent the low.

So I'm hopeful that once I recover from the time change, my insulin usage will start to drop.