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Diabetes Advocacy: Call for Action from the Diabetes Bloggers

First, my coverage is through an ERISTA insurance. I'm very fortunate that the current insurance does cover everything I need for my medical care, though it is expensive.

First, I don't like the way insurance is being done in this country now. I'm pretty locked into my current employer. Other school districts in our area who do not have the state insurance do not have as good as coverage. In fact, if I went to work for the school district I live it, I would be without coverage for about 6 months for any pre-existing condition (remember the ERISTA thing?)

Let's face it, we're stuck working for a partcular group of employers once we get diagnosed for diabetes and I'm not sure that is right.

I really think that insurance should be more assessible, and I'm not sure this law is going to help it.

But I will pass the information along, and let you make your own decision.