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By the way,

Odds and Ends

Someone at school asked me if I had blogged the details of my recent changes. I told her I had as much as it affected my diabetes.

I'm real careful not to post much about school. In fact, for most of the almost three years of blogging, I've kept this about diabetes. I have been posting about my dogs and agility lately, though those also affect the diabetes, and the diabetes affect it. It's not hard to track me down and I don't need any more controversy in my life, thanks.

School gets better every day. I do feel the need to comment on my students comments, as that has been the coolest part of this year. Even today, I saw one of my students who had transferred from my class back in September, and he complimented me. He said I explain things better than teacher he has now. When I pinned him down, he said it was more about the tone of my voice, that she "yells and seems mad" when she has to explain something. That's something I don't get.

Not everyone gets every thing the same way. One thing I ALWAYS do when a student asks a questions, I repeat the question for the whole class and answer the question for everyone. I feel that it opens up things for the other students, and if one kiddo doesn't get it, at least 3 others don't.

I've always taught a wide variety of kids who have differing ability levels. I always try to cover the lesson as fast as possible for those kids that get it and want to get the assignment done and gone on with the next thing. Then I go over the assignment in detail. Then I wait for kids to ask questions and repeat them for the group. I also wait for the kid that just doesn't get it and if we have time, go over it once just for them. We don't always get that time.

I've got a kiddo in regular CS that is that way. He dives into class, does the assignment as quick as possible and then goes and does what he wants to do on the internet. I don't have a real problem with that, though that does challenge me to find things that will get him to spend more time on my work. In the same class, I have one or two students who have to see me go through the whole assignment before they "get it".

Anyway, I'm having one of my best years ever. I may not always do things the way the administration wants them done (meaning high passing rates on the AP CS tests), but I've always been good at giving my students what they want and need.