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Things are finally getting better

I moved my Algebra I students into the lab and I am in the process of automating the class. Not major automation as these kiddos aren't the brightest crayons in the box. Some of them are midnight blue, but very few of them are yellow. They are all definately rescues -- All have taken Algebra I at least once before.

We have a very cool copier which I absolutely adore. I drop the worksheets that the Math coach gives me into the copier, put my email address in the control panel and hit send. All my orginals run through the scanner and I get an email with a PDF attached. I also have Acrobat, so I can pull out the individual pages and put them in seperate files.

So my kids are getting a packet of paper approximately every day (instead of a textbook) and they can go to the website where I have the same packet organized. I've been putting notes and answers on the pages with Acrobat. They don't like that I control their computer when I teach class, but they are stating to get over it. The same kids aren't paying attention as before, but at least the kids that were hitting other kids who WERE paying attention are now in training to race cars or kill aliens (playing computer games), after I finish.

I keep hoping they will wake up and start taking school seriously. Let's see, today, 3 of my darlings were in In School Suspension, and I only put one of them there.


But as to me. My blood sugars have been stable so far this week. The first time since the teaching change. My insulin usage is still high -- yesterday it was 50, and right now, I'm just under 35. I probably need to eat something since my blood sugar was 120 at 8:00. I don't have enough guts to do that yet especially since I'm not already not sleeping all night. I've managed to stay in bed all night, though I was pushing it last night.

I have started exercising regularly again, since I don't have PT for my knee. It burned some blood sugar but not enough. The knee is loads better, and probably at 90%.

Man did I get a deal tonight

By the way, if you own a business train your employees not to be rude.

I saw this deal at Fry's in Plano on Saturday, but waited and bought it in Irving tonight.

I got a Mac-Mini + 17" LCD Monitor for $599. Well, I had to pay taxes on $907.00

They had an instant rebate for $199, and then mail in rebates for $50 and $30 on each item.

Here's the cool part, I didn't realize it was a 17" monitor until I got it home. I expected a 14", and wouldn't have been a bit surprised if it had been a 13" or smaller. Actually I was happy as long as it wasn't as small as a Treo screen

Blog Anniversary

My third blog anniversary is tomorrow -- and so is Marcie's 8th birthday.

I tend not to celebrate too much. Marcie's only had one birthday party, and it really was just an excuse to get some friend over. None of my other dogs ever did have a birthday party...

I do want to take a few minutes to reflect on three years of blogging. My blog has never been about changing the world, it's just been about changing me, hopefully for the better. It's just about me and finding a way to deal with diabetes the best I can. If I help someone else, so be it. In fact, that's a super bonus.

I do recommend some type of record keeping and reflecting. It doesn't have to be a blog -- but it is sure nice to be able to look back and see what you have accomplished, and even better yet, what has gotten you off track.

So happy anniversary to my blog, and to my blog readers. And better yet, Happy Birthday to Marcie.

It was obviously Maggie's weekend

She is now Maggie NA, OAJ (not a very fancy name). She finished her Open Agility JWW title. She took two 2nd places and a 3rd place also. I have moved her to Excellent JWW A for our next two shows. She needs only 1 Open agility leg.

I was able to run all 8 runs this weekend though I did have some pain. The weather was cold and damp all weekend though today was drier but colder.

My blood sugar was a bit lower than usual especially right before runs which was odd. The adreneline rush I get just before the ring was actually worse.

Overall the blood sugar was pretty good all weekend, so I am really pleased with the Agility basal rate I'm using.

Last Night

Got to bed when I wanted but we had bad thunderstorms and poor Maggie woke me up. Plus I'd had pizza and so was having some GERD problems.

Did get my lesson plans done, at 2:00 am. but at least they are done.

Got up early, did some prep work for my :Algebra kids. I can't deal with the stress of being responsible for a room I can't control.

We have a new copier which I love because you can toss paper in it and it scans the image and emails it to me. I'm putting each day's lesson on my class web site.

Medco - Protonix

Here's the latest. Got a package in the mail for Protonix, but only got 90 tables, not the 180 I need for twice day
dosage. They requested the doctor to call for a coverage review (which I asked him to do a month ago, and he decided not to.

So I've spent the last 1 1/2 scanning the letter from Medco, finding out that the fax software didn't work on this computer and looking for my fax software to install on the other machine which has a working modem. My dumb, but that's okay. I've got the software back on a hard drive so it's more easily acessible.

I did look harder at the letter I got from Medco about no longer being able to get Protonix and apparently we can do a coverage review on that too.