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Still on the right track

Didn't get home until late tonight--mainly because my students need Microsoft and I had to get it on 16 computers. Got it mostly knocked out. I have two computers to finish in the morning.

I still had a high blood sugar in the afternoon, and I swear I bolused for it this time AND did the symlin. It was 205 this time, better than yesterday. However, the correction worked.

I have gotten in 15 minutes on the treadmill, had to stop because I think I was burning blood sugar faster than I was digesting it. I'm going to try to get in another 15 minutes before 8:00.

Getter Better

After last week's major reorganization of my day, everything IS getting better.

I didn't do any school work last night and I didn't do any uncontrolled stress eating. My insulin usage was actually under 40 units, which is the best it's been since the initial announcement.

I still manage to go a few moments each day without something major i need. Yesterday it was the cell phone/blood sugar monitor bag. For an entire class period. Left it up in the other room. Also my coat. I've got to figure out how to handle that, because retrieving that hurt my knee.

I also forgot to bolus for lunch but did do the symlin. Blood sugar was 225 in the mid afternoon, which is not good when the room is 100+ degrees.

I thought it was either the heat or too much insulin the day before, but it was a simple missed bolus. Downloading everything each day is a wonderful thing!

The day after....

My blood sugar has run a bit high all day ,and the corrections haven't worked -- in the 140 to 200 range. It's one of two things, the heat in my classroom, I swear it was at 110 this afternoon OR it's the after affect of pushing so much insulin in my body because of the agility trial.

The knee I feel on is a bit sore, not bad. I had loads of fun telling people about falling and still taking second. It was a good lesson, and a great opportunity to brag on Marcie. She's got a big fan club at school since she come in every semester and teachs AP Psychology.

I actually decided not to do any school work tonight. I've got all Wednesday to grade -- all math students (and my CS students) have to do a writing prompt that I don't have to grade.

I'm in the middle of installing software at school. I have Microsoft.Net on 5 computers so far, and have 11 to go by Thursday.

So things are going much better. However, I never have what I need when I need him.

Cool article

This article interests me on a lot of different levels.

First, Verplank went to a Dallas ISD high school (not mind, but the closest one between mine and the house), and grew up at the country club down the street from our house. By the way, a good portion of our school's golf team has already been in my CS classes.

I'm also interested in his strageties for competing and managing blood sugar, though we are in vastly different sports. Dog agility is a short burst of energy and long periods of sitting around.

Scott Verplank - Celebrities with Diabetes - Diabetes Health magazine

For Scott Verplank, staying on top of his diabetes with frequent blood glucose testing means staying on top of his game for the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour.

Dog Agility

My blood sugar levels were the best they have ever been during dog agility. I never went higher than 200 all weekend.

That made a vast difference in how I felt and how we did.

The second day went well, though I fell during Marcie's Standard run, we did finish the run and take a second place. She was still real slow the second run -- JWW, and my instructor suspects I only have one really good run in my knees right now, and I suspect she's right.

Maggie had 4 refusals, all caused by me, in the Open run. I just couldn't be where she needed me. Her JWW was very good, though I didn't get the time. She missed the weaves.

Hopefully I'll have new pictures up soon, one of the professional photographers took quite a few.


This is my first agility trial sine I started PT. We are doing well.

Marcie took a first in Excellent A Standard and was clean but over time for JWW.

I am definately tired.

Maggie just got goofy and took an excusion. At that point I got confused.

We knocked a bar, had a refusal, and truly ugly weaves. I just couldn't run any more.

All in all a good day especially after the trama from the week before.

What I learned this week.

I haven't posted this week partly because of time and partly because I don't want to say that wrong thing.


I have learned some good lessons this year.

I am an effective teacher and it doesn't matter what other people think. What matters is my results.

I had a very high passing rate last semester and my students like me.

I am effective in both the traditional and in the techology classroom.

I've lost a group of students and I've gained a group of students. Saldy the ones I've lost are very upset. The good news is that for the most part, the new students are happy.

The change has been hard and I spent the week stress eating. That has to end! Now!

Good news

Even though I'm stress eating and my insulin usage is hitting the roof -- my morning blood sugars are still good -- even on the weekend, so I"m doing something right.  I think I've got pretty much the right carb ratios and basal rates.

I think I've even figured out how to deal with physical therapy -- good thing, since I've got another 3 weeks.  Basically I turn the pump down to 50% two hours before -- the Palm alerts me.  Then when I eat dinner, I go to a 1:10 carb ratio instead of a 1:7. (Halved due to Symlin.)

Now if I only find my classroom keys this morning.

My day and my knee

My knee grumbled at me all day, but it wasn't bad.  Better than it's
been this weekend.  My PT did an evaluation and decided I need another
9 days.  I'm not arguing at all with that, especially knowing that I'm
competeing this weekend.

We did decide I still need anti-inflammatories and I'm back on it.

Frankly, I'm still scared and freaked out about the new schedule.  The good news is that I have a programming assignment for all my classes (except the one kid that is a APCS II kid, but I didn't find his book until later in the day) and I know what I'm going to talk about each period.  We won't get things settled for a few days but we are working on it.  Oh, and I lost my classroom keys, but I think I know where to look for them.

I've got a handle on books and materials, so I'm quite a bit farther than I was.  I also have an idea as to where my students are at.

I start out in one classroom, and end up in the same one at the end of the day.  The biggest problem, is that I can't find anywhere to look things up in the other room.  The good news is that my stuff is still in my closets.  I just can't get to them, as they are in another room.  Long story, but basically I used to have one very large room with a divider.  My students and I always filled it -- but then they've practically killed the program.  We're full up 2nd period, and then the rest of the classes are good sized.

The most fun was my AP kids.  About half of them took PreAP last year, so we know each other.  I'm not sure about the others as to whether they took PreAP or not, but I'm stuck.  One of my old students came in first, I high fived him, and he said -- "I'm so glad you're our teacher again".  Two moments later he said, "But this means we have to do work now!".