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November 2005

I knew this all along

Diabetes In Control - Daily Weighing Helps People Lose Weight, Prevents Gain

Whenever I have successfully lost weight, I have been obsessive about weighing. I often weigh twice a day. I'm very realistic about it, and use it as a tool -- if I am up a little, I think about what I did and how I could do differently. If I am down, I celebrate.

In order to lose weight, I have to actively think about it all the time, or I end up gainning weight.

Daily Weighing Helps People Lose Weight, Prevents Gain

I am NOT having a good day

It worked out okay though -- went I went to the restroom here at school, I pulled off my set. It was very cold, and I knew my room was going to be cold so I went ahead and changed it there. I also did NOT want to do it in the restroom as it would take a while.

Quite a few people walked in and out of the teacher's lounge, but no one commented on what I was doing. I managed to get the set changed with no problem.

That's the second time I've done a set change in a public place without anyone really noticing. Of course, I inject that way all the time.

Argh continued

My blood sugar is back where it should be this morning, so the corrections worked. I'd rather that the basal rate worked.

Oh well.

On another note, I did everything last night that i shouldn't for the GERD and was up several times. You'd think I'd learn.

DFW IUG Meeting tonight.

Recap of the first weekend

I think yesterday went well until noon, and then fell apart.

i felt rotten today, and came home very stiff and very sore. I'm going to bed early, but trying to stay awake for a little while so I don't wake up too early.

The blood sugar went better today. I think part of the problem was waking up last night, but then I couldn't have done the correction.

I'm going to download everything in the morning, and send a PDF to my CDE and see what she thinks.

Day 2

Today I just feel bad. Probably due to the wreck in front of the house at 3:00 am. I woke up, called 911, checked on the people, determined they were drunk, advised the police, checked my blood sugar which was high, corrected and went back to bed but the commotion kept me awake.

My blood sugar has been around 135 all morning but that hasn't helped.

I would have liked it to be a tad lower.

Marcie and I had two decent runs making only one mistake in jumpers.

I've eaten lunch and have gotten Maggie ready to go and am waiting to walk her course.