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Definately call me an ambulance
Adjusting Basal Rates

Cingular Update Available

I just downloaded and installed the Cingular update.

Man, it was a bit scary because the first try, I got a ROM Update error, but I just followed the directions and everything seems to be working.

I even deleted Volume Care, and called the voice mail and I could hear it.

I'll know better tomorrow how things worked, as its a bit late to call anyone I know to try it out.

I'm trying to make the Treo more of a first gadget of defense. I tend to wait to blog until I get to a big computer because it's easier, but that's why I bought the freaking keyboard! Oh, I need to test that.

I'm actually going through all my software and making sure things are working right -- and found a neat Napster To Go feature I want to take advantage of over the next few days before my agility trial -- "custom play lists" based on what you usually download.