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Agility Experiments Part 2 (Actualy Basal Experiments)

Agility Experiments

I've picked up a variety of both low carb snacks and regular foods.

I've also picked up some items to keep food hot with as my Diet Gourmet lunch was a salmon taco and I can't imagine eating it cold. My Sunday lunch has soup so I'll want that hot too.

The main reason I'm posting under Gadgets though, is that I picked up a new gadget. I have a one-time use camcorder from CVS. I already had someone tape a run with Marcie, and I'm going to try to get different people to tape with either it, my Kodak digital camera or my Treo.

I really like having a short video clip of an agility run on my Treo, as it makes it ieasier to explain what agility is to my students. Especially the non-Eghlish speaking ones, though it's probably just another way to convince them that their teacher is nuts.Actually that probably true of both populations.

But it will be interesting to see which one is easier to put on the Treo, and which one is better quality.

It will also be nice to get rid of the run I have -- it's about 40 pounds ago, and about 2 years ago, and Maggie runs much queiter now.