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Adjusting Basal Rates

My pump, the Animas IR1200 comes with 4 basal rates, but right now, only one is truly useful. Basal Rate 1. I've decided to try to come up with 3 more useful basal rates.

They are going to be weekend, agility, and workshop.

Basically weekend has the same basal rate all day that I use for my evening basal rate.

agility has the same schedule, but the basal rate is 10% higher. I got this idea from another pumper. Basically during an agility trial, I spend the entire day too high, so I'm going to up my basal rate, test more frequently and then eat to prevent lows. That will hopefully prevent some of the fatique I've been dealing with.

The last one is workshop, and hopefully I'll think to switch to that basal rate the night before a workshop. It's about 50% higher all day than my normal basal rate. I should set up my Treo to remind me to switch to that rate the night of December 5th since I have a workshop the next day. Hopefully I just made that adjustment.

Again, the principle is to drop my blood sugar low I will then test frequently to prevent an hypoglycemic episode since I get very physically ill when my blood sugar is too high.

Blogging this helped, as I've gone into my Treo and set events to alarm me and remind me to change my basal rates for the two upcoming trials and the workshop.