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October 2005


While my activity level has gone up and my insulin usage has gone down, I've experienced a bit of a weight gain.

I think my food intake has been fairly constant, so it's pretty weird.

Good news, though, while I had trouble going to sleep and it was an initial, pretty light sleep, I didn't wake up with heartburn bothering me, and slept until the alarm clock went off. Maybe the Nexium is going to do the job.

Something weird is going on...

I have dosed Symlin at lunch and dinner both days (Sunday and Saturday), and haven't experienced another weird hypoglymic event.

My blood sugar seems to be under good control too. I had a blood sugar of 155 after lunch, and one of 208 after dinner today, corrected both. As a result, my insulin usage is hitting new lows. I'm creeping down from an average of 38 units, to 35, and on my way down to around 30.

I'm going to keep it up. Basically I'm dosing right at the meal, not giving myself insulin, and checking two hours after the meal and then doing a correction.

Pump Sighting

Had my first pump sighting -- my first clue was a teenager wearing a JDF Walk for A Cure tshirt, and sure enough she was wearing a pump -- a minimed.

I was at the grocery store, and she was with her mom. I said, "A mimimed? I wear an Animas". We talked for a few seconds and went on.

Pretty neat.

Preventing the crash

I had been taking Symlin 30 minutes before meals, to try to match the curve better. That might be what caused the two crashes this week, so I 'm going back to taking Symlin right before I eat.

That will also make life a bit easier.

FYI: The crash messages might show up again as new as I changed their category to Symlin, since I really think Symlin caused them.

Another crash

I had another Sylmin related blood sugar crash today. However, I forgot I didn't take insulin during the last one.

I did however, take insulin today. It seemed worse than the other one, but then I didn't treat this one as quickly.

Here's what happened.

I injected Symlin 30 minutes prior to eating. Ate lunch and bolused. Went back to my classroom, got ready for class, and started to teach, but like the other day, started feeling odd. Picked up the phone and asked my CDE what to do, and she said suck on hard candy all day. Then she said drink coke. Hung up from her, ate a life saver, waited a few minutes and asked one of the students to get one of the ROTC teachers. He didn't understand me -- I don't know if it is because he doesn't speak English yet, or if I wasn't speaking English.

So I picked up the phone and called the office, told them I didn't know what I needed, but my blood sugar was low and I at least needed an English speaking adult to help me. The office manger called the nurse and sent her out. In the meantime, I was still crunching lifesavers.

Got my blood sugar up to 155, nurse and I went back to the main building while a security guard watched my class.

Ran into several administrators, we confessed to what was going on, though I kept saying -- but I did everything the way I am supposed to.

Anyway, I'm fine now, went back and taught the class, and stopped chewing lifesavers. Blood sugar stayed pretty even the rest of the day.

Also talked to the CDE again, and we agree Symlin without insulin for a while -- correct after meals when needed. Still doesn't solve Tuesday's issue, but at least maybe helps today.

I don't want to give up the symlin. It really makes losing weight easier.

Random -- wonder what they meant by that...

Over the last couple of days, some interesting comments have been made.

After I discussed my GERD with my Primary Care Physician, he said -- have you thought about going to Medical School. When I said it would take too long, he said, it would only be 4 more years. I kinda of like my life style now. I would be more interested in nursing school than med school (and becoming a CDE).

I was telling my ESL department chair about trying to explain my behavior when I crashed on Tuesday, and she said "I didn't know that you were that bad".

One person said "you are a real trooper", but that was relative to my teaching schedule ... I think.

I talked with my mom about the last two comments, and we came to the conclusion that a) I'm really lucky to still be alive afte the car accident that started all this crap (a long story I think I posted once, maybe other day).

b) I'm a heck of a lot better off than my father was at the same age.

I have just acknowledged though, that if you lose weight while you are a diabetic, someday you are going to get low, and I need to stop stressing over it, and let the lows happen. I've been running a tad higher than I should blood sugar wise and not using the temporary basal enough.