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Wearing my pump OUT

Man, I've never had anything freak my kids out so. I wore my pump out -- must of you recall that I have a pocket sown in my bras that holds my pump.

Well, today, i was too lazy to go downstairs and get a clean, pocket bra, and my old bras without pockets were left in my drawer, and were the right size AND fit, so I wore that. Plus I was wearing a jean skirt so had pockets.

As the day progressed -- and this is weird, my skirts get tighter as the day goes on, but my bras get bigger -- I went from wearing the pump in my pocket with only the clip out, to the pump outside my pocket. The two classes I had with it out freaked.

"What is that Miss?" etc. and would NOT settle until I explained it. I ended up showing how it was attached, since the set is at my waist band today.

Very odd.

On the good news front, since the principal announced we could jeans, I looked through my closet and found a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear for 5 or 6 years, and tried them on. That's what I am wearing tomorrow, though I might change my set first, since it is right at the waist band.

CDE Visit

Went to the CDE this afternoon. A1C is 6.0. Because of my student's background (especially the new to the country), doctor and CDE decided on both the flu and the pnuemonia shot, so I have those done.

The best news: 36 pounds since I started seeing them in March 2004. I've lost 15 pounds since Symlin (June -- new medication).

A1C of 6.0 is exceptionally good. It is my best. The ADA goal is 7.0, the doctor office's goal is 6.5 so the doctor is VERY VERY happy. That's also without any treatable lows.

We did some tweaking of basals -- I am having some excusions (high 180-240) and they usually cause food cravings. Hopefully that will stop as a result.

The blog is evolving a bit

For the longest time, I didn't post ANY thing that wasn't diabetes related. I even started another blog for other stuff, but I just never seemed to get around to posting to it. You're going to start seeing even more non-diabetes stuff in the future.

Alwin's post on integrity has gotten to me a bit today. You see, for a while, I was associating with the wrong person, mainly because I was completely fooled by him.

I won't post much of the details, but basically I was involved in an organization that was doing some really good things from an under-represented group. Unfortunately the person who put the original organization together had a severely rotten core and fooled much better people than I. In fact, he managed to obtain a peace officer's license fraudently and was an employee of a police department at the time I met him and associated with him.

It took several incidents to convince me that he wasn't what he represented himself to me. Unfortunately as a result, I am out about $5,000 -- which is a drop in the bucket as to what happened to other people -- but the good news, is that most of that $5,000 actually went to help the right people.

The end result, is that I am extremely careful about who I associate with, and what groups I associate with. I haven't even joined a dog club since that happened, and I avoid doing any type of volunteering or contributing money until I know a lot about the group. I don't even trust background checks anymore since this episode in my life, since this guy managed to pass police academy and police department background checks.

Part of the issue, was that it was my own reputation for integrity that got others pulled into the mess.

Rita and other things

I've got my backup power charging just in case and we got all the loose stuff picked up in the yard.

I have plenty of supplies, medication, insulin, and symlin. Also have a full tank of gas.

We're in Dallas and should be fairly okay but worried a bit by supplies especially 90-day as Medco has been very slow shipping.

On the weight front, I had a pleasant surprise this morning. The scales showed a two pound loss. I suspect its true as my insuilin use remains low. The scales have been 'stuck' all week just at 270.x

I am anxious to see my CDE on Wednesday. I am predicting a 10 to 15 pound loss since Symlin.


I have a love-hate relationship with Symlin. I've been on it almost 4 months.

I hate it because I have to deal with a vial and syringes again. I hate it because I have to inject again, but at least I have the short needles. I also hate it because it works best if I take it 30 minutes before meals.

I love it, because I've been losing weight, and I don't have the constant hunger with it. I eat a lot less since I've been on it. I'm not sure exactly how much as I haven't been tracking food closely lately. I am starting to though.

What would really make things better would be to have it in a pen needle. I'm going to start a campaign of complaining about that this week. I plan to call their 1-800 number and ask. And their rep is coming to an interest group meeting, I think this Tuesday.

My teaching schedule

Right now, things are a bit unmanagable. I have approximately 30 students in each class. The good news, is that on any given day, 1/3 of the Algebra I repeaters are not that. Well, that is not really good news, because it takes forever to take roll, and I'm never sure I have it right.

The non-English speakers are very good attenders.

The good news, is that they are supposed to be relieving my schedule. I am hoping they will take away at least 1 of the repeaters class, but not all, because I'm afraid if they take all, they will take my Infocus machine and my Agilemind account. But if they do, maybe the ESL department will get me one.

I can actually teach the non-repeaters without it, but I'd rather not. I think they need the visuals.

I don't want to lose the non-English speakers though. I am really enjoying teaching them.

Yes, I teach non-English speakers Algebra. My dog training years are paying off. Here's the thing, dogs don't speak English either. To teach a dog a task, you have to break down as small as possible, rewarding every little bit. The non-English speakers are the same way. Something I'd do in one class period with normal Algebra I students, I might take 2-3 days with the non-English speakers and only teach them one thing. We really ought to do that with the normal kids too, but oh, well, no one asked me.

I draw lots of picture and give lots of feedback. The feedback is almost impossible though with 30 students. I really need 15 in each class, to teach these kids right. That means finding another teacher AND another classroom, both of which might be impossible.

I am trying not to think hard about any of that though. Getting though each day can be challenge enough.

Life has been busy!

The good news, is that I am starting to adjust to the new teaching schedule. Last week, I was able to do at least 25 minutes of cardio each day. I was also able to do my scheduled weight training each day.

Even better news is the weight loss. According to my scales, I've lost 10-15 pounds since school started and I'm starting to see a new decade. I'll confess. I was seeing 28x on the scales for a LONG LONG time. Lately I see 269.x once in a while. When I weighed in this morning I was at 270.2 pounds.

Again, big hint -- use scales that show the 10th if you are trying to maintain a slow weight loss. That's helped me more than anything.

In other related good news, my insulin usage has continued to stay low. It's the combination of weight loss, symlin, teaching schedule, and exercise. The last two days, I've been under 32 units a day. That's from a high of 120 units a day! My average insulin usage right now is 36 units a day.

I've had to titrate down my boluses and corrections again, and have to keep a close watch on my blood sugar so I don't go low.

My body fat percentage hasn't changed much, but I am okay with that.

I am starting to see some improvements -- yesterday I did an agility demo, didn't bring out my chair and was able to stay on my feet longer without pain (foot and back). Again, that's something I've been seeing every day.

I'm still not seeing much in the reduction of gastric reflux disease, and I really wish that would dimenish. Part of the problem, is that it is worse when I am low carbing, and I've been doing a lot of that lately.

New CPAP Mask!

You really need to get a new CPAP mask from time to time. I got my last one, last spring, and I called the doctor's office and asked for a new one last week.

Thankfully, the doctor did not require me to come in this trip, though I would have, just would have put it off until the end of the month.

The DME came by yesterday and delivered it. Good news! They have changed the model I like slightly -- which is the Fisker-Paykel HC431A. It used to come with two sizers, medium and large. The medium wasn't bad but now they have three in the box, and the small is pretty close to perfect.

It might even be perfect.

Of course, any little change, plus probably eating a bit later than usual last night, made me wake up twice -- but I managed to stay in bed. I do see a bit of difference in how I felt this morning, and I suspect I'll see more as I get used to it and I actualy sleep all night.


I've always loved the Temperance Brennan books, but so far I'm not impressed with the new TV show Bones. I am DVRing it, just in case I change my mind, but first of all, the actress playing her is way too young. She should at least look to be in her 30s.