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August 2005

New Movable Type

I finally have things have way presentable again. I'm going to wait until the weekend to put my customizations back in -- maybe by then someone will have figured it out and I won't have to think hard.

I'm also taking my last doses of Aprida today, I have a site change in the morning and I'm switching to Novalog.

I really DO need to exercise, my blood sugar is pretty high this evening, but I'm not worrying about that until Friday, hopefully I'll have recovered from my 12 hour day by then.

Upgraded Site

I just updated the site to MovableType 3.2

I'm hoping that I'll see less trash comments and trackbacks, we'll see. The interface has changed, and I'll probably changed the look of the site soon.

I'm taking this week "off" to some extend, especially when it comes to working out, because my feet and back are killing me, and tomorrow night is a 12 hour day.

Sunday weigh in

Good news! Lost another 2 pounds this week, and so I am definately at my lowest weight in years.

I will admit to being exhausted though, and am eagerly anticipating the three day weekend. The bad news is that Tuesday is "Meet the Teacher night". That evening is always hard on the body.

Right now the only things I have planned that day is to get the A/C annual maintenance done on Saturday morning and my hair cut in the afternoon.

One thing that is bothering me, is that I have missed a few boluses in the past couple of days. The part that is bothering me is, that I really believe if I hadn't have missed those boluses I would have gone low.

I'm eagerly anticipating getting into the new routine and schedule so we can adjust my basals. I also think that we need to hold off too, until I'm back on Novolog. I've got my last bit of Aprida in my pump right now, and have a bottle of Novolog in my kit. When this runs out, I'll be back on Novolog.

I came home last night, soaked in the pool for a bit, went and got the girls some more treats for today, and then went to bed about 8:30. I'm taking my time getting ready for the agility trial, and am going to head out in about half an hour. Yeah, it's early, but I'm trying to set early as my awake time.

I think I ran better and faster yesterday. Neither girl qualified, but we had good runs between our mistakes. I've been really slowing them down at the weave poles, since both girls don't have a lot of confidence with them lately, but I'm not going to do that today. Marcie's best run was JWW and she was a second over time, and I know that we wasted lots of time at the poles.

Week is almost over...

One more day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier.

One of my non-English speakers has to be sent to the nurse at 11:05 to get her blood sugar checked. She is a non-English speaker, extremely overweight. She was diagnosed two weeks ago.

She is SO non-English, or her blood sugar is so high, that she didn't understand when I tried to tell her I have diabetes.

That's okay though, I got with the school nurse, and things are going to work out well, as I need my Sylmin shot at 11:00. I just have to send her out a few minutes after.

I've got a dog agility trial this weekend. Have both girls entered, so I'm probably going to take stuff with me so I can stay in Fort Worth if I'm too tired to drive home.

Everyone says I look thinner and less stressed than last year. A lot of it is the new schedule. My scales are still showing that I'm dropping weight too.

The New Gig

Have I said lately that I like the new gig?

There are some challenges. 4th period has 33 students in it. None of them speak English. The Spanish speakers are convinced that I have to know Spanish and try to trap me into talking Spanish. I've got several kids that listen to music during class. There isn't enough minutes in the class period to spend time with each kid.

The good news, is that nothing truly "bad" has been done since the battery theft. The wild thing is that they talk WAY WAY too much.

More good news. UNT is working on the "Official Transcripts". I made a mistake on my first request and they called and asked about it today. I'll give them a call in the morning and get it straightened out.