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Driving Mishaps

Woke up miserable and early

Part of the reason I woke up so early was a GERD attack. I ate a baked potato fairly late -- hoping that the warm mushiness would make my mouth feel better.

All day yesterday my mouth had been bothering me. Sore where I'd just gotten a crown in the past month. Finally in the late afternoon, a bit piece of the tooth next to it broke off. That made things feel worse, as it bleed and I'm sure that the nerves are all inflamed.

Needless to say, I'm calling the dentist when they open and making an appointment.

I'm getting tired of the teeth thing. No, make that I AM tired of the teeth thing. I'm sort a lot of the dental problem happens to be a complication of the GERD, and I think it's better than the sore throats and ear infections of the past. I also don't think it is new damage, but long built up damage.