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Apparently my blog has spawned a "child" blog

Half Way There

I'm about halfway on both of my classes. We just finished Week 5, and the term is 10 weeks.

I've got a perfect score so far in the Readings class. We have 4 more weeks of discussions, I've done my turn as discussion leader, and we have two major assignments. One is an annotated bibliography, and I have the entries found and identified. I would like to have 5 more, since a couple of the readings were provided by the instructors. We also have a final -- essay form.

The telecommunications class is going well too. I've lost 4 1/2 points so far on the assignments. We have two left, the research project which I am doing on WiMAX, and the last assignment which they haven't told us how to do yet. We have a face-to-face on Tuesday, which should help.

I think it is all do able.