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More on infusion sets

That one went in better -- the one I put in earlier didn't feel right when I got it inserted, and I've had a vague kink in my side ever since. I can't imagine going three days feeling that way. It was also bleeding when I pulled it out, which also isn't a good sign, I must have nicked a blood vessel.

This one didn't hurt and the kink is slowly unwinding.

But on to design -- the pump itself seems to be pretty easy to get right -- though software can be an issue -- ask Animas.

Speaking of Animas, they were trying to design their own set for quite some time, they were going to call it something like the EzInfusion set, and they were always two quarters away from producing it. I think it got initial FDA approval. Shortly before the Inset came out, reference to it quietly disappeared from their website.

The Cozmo people are having the same problems with the Cleo, I'm on the list to clinical trial it with my Endo's office and it's looking like I won't see it until next month, maybe.

There is a lot of an infusion set that you have to get right. First the adhesive. No matter what you do, a segment of the population is going to be allergic to it. Then you have to get it on the set the right way every time. I know at least one box of my Inset's weren't quite right, but not wrong enough to complain about.

I got a whole box of Simple Choice infusion sets that wouldn't hold. I might have dealt okay with it, if it wasn't the first box I bought. I have to admit though, that the biggest problem I have with the Simple Choice is the inducer needle. That sucker looks long and thick.

Another problem IS the inducer needle. They have to go in straight without bending every single time and they have to be long enough and thick enough to withstand an inserter. I think that might be a problem with the other straight sets but I haven't had enough experience with them. I know that the Comfort sets give me the williest, and the worst are the Mini-Comforts.

Anyway, I think you are getting the point (bad pun). It's just a little plastic device, but gives everyone fits. No wonder the suckers cost between $10-$15.

And know do you know why I didn't want to change the other one out?