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Dropping Carb Ratios
Pat Sajak -- knew there was a reason I liked him

Interesting Dog Night Out

Dropped my temp basal before I left for dog agility class tonight as I was running lower than I like and dog agility does expend some energy. Really glad I did because we were doing a lot of straight line runs.

The biggest problem was the humidity. I am supposed to change my set tomorrow morning anyway, but I got so how and sweaty that the infusion set slid right off me as I was running. Fortunately I noticed it right away, but since I still had several runs, I went ahead and suspended the pump, figuring I could correct later.

For those of you who don't pump, changing infusion sets at night can be a tad dangerous. The infusion set is the most difficult part of the insulin pump setup to get right. First, designing is hard and producing something that will get it right every single time is hard. Pair that with human error when inserting, and then just the oddities of the human body -- one of our bloggers was talking about how one of her sites failed and she figured the insulin was pooling next to a muscle, and you are just asking for trouble.

I'm not sure if I can go into DKA like a Type 1 can, but I really hate to throw everything off by ignoring it.

I did get something to eat on the way home, and I am pretty sure I underbolused, but I'm still a bit concerned that my blood sugar is at 211. I just did a correction and am tired enough to sleep, but I'm not sure I should until I know the set is working.

The good news, is that tomorrow I can actually sleep in, one of the first days I've been off since that was true. However, between the husband and the dogs, I'm sure to be gotten up.